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some who lies over stupid things

Resolved Question:

why would a partner make up silly lies like having a disese in the past. like saying they did things and they didnt (nothing impressive not even to them) quite often. maybe like once a month some of these things arent even bragging just stupid. i know some people just brag but this isnt all just amazing things they are just dumb things
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 4 years ago.

Usually when someone makes up transparent, useless lies this is an attention seeking behavior. They can't get the attention and recognition they need on their own so they create fantasies that accomplish this. This same person will often be unaware that others are not buying their stories and get to the point where they are literally embarrassing themselves. It does little to bring this to their attention because they will often stick to their lies in order to save face or pursue this quest for attention. This person can be very superficial with a need to constantly be in this "spotlight". Your efforts are often limited to calling attention to their lies but they can switch to a different subject. The best way is to not only confront them with their own exaggerations but also to find time alone to challenge them about why they need to fabricate stories. Even if they don't listen you have done what I call planting a seed.

Please select excellent service so I am compensated

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
thank you i will accept but i have no idea how to leave you feedback i want to leave great feedback but i have this issue where no where on the screen i can leave it
Expert:  psychlady replied 4 years ago.
We don't see that side of things but I know the smily faces give you some ability to rate me. Thanks
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