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Doctor Kevin
Doctor Kevin, Ph.D.
Category: Relationship
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i been in a long distance relationship for 2years with this

Customer Question

i been in a long distance relationship for 2years with this guy we visit each other and we are in love and planning a wedding for next summer he is 39 and i am 32 non of us ever been married before. We are in love he call me at least 2-3times a day one day i called him he didn't answer he texted me though telling me he is not feeling good and need time for himself. So i let it go for 2day then i started to call him++ still he wouldn't call me back he would just text me and tell me to take care of myself he need to feel good to be able to talk to me on the phone. i told him that i am here for him and i can understand and help with any issue he is going through. Still he would give me the same text that he is ok and to take care of myself. So i send him a text asking if he still love me and wants to be with me and asked him to give me a yes or no answer he told to me to move on because he have too much going on. I been feeling very sad and depressed don't know what to think
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 4 years ago.

Kevin Kappler :

Thank you for choosing this website. I'm sorry to hear you're having such difficulty in your relationship. Two years is a long time to know someone and have a commitment for a wedding next summer makes it even more seem very puzzled over recent events and his change in attitude but most importantly his lack of communication.

Kevin Kappler :

I can only think that because this was a long distance relationship he met someone else and did not have the courage to tell you. Sometimes there is simply no substitute for spending every day with someone in terms of getting to know them very well. Even though you may call him on a daily basis or text them it is still a poor substitute for daily face to face contact.

Kevin Kappler :

In terms of recommendations I think you are simply being too polite. You need to be much more forceful with him and express some of your anger and frustration. This man needs to know that he is abandoned you and lacks the courage to even tell you that he hath met someone else. It is only by expressing your feelings that you will be able to process them and see his reaction.this may in the future teacher not be so willing to trust someone else.

Kevin Kappler :

I see that your currently off-line and I am very interested in your reaction to my answer

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