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DrPsychologist, Doctor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  I am a licensed psychologist with over 10 years of experience in providing mental health psychotherapy.
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So why is that woman have to playaround and treat my emotions

Resolved Question:

So why is that woman have to playaround and treat my emotions like shit IM feeling down in the dumps after finding out that the partner has been fooling around it is gut wrenching iI love this woman and ever since that lie i didnt tell was just excuse for her not to feel guilty on what is was doing .has woman got no clues when it comes to relationship then I thought honesty and truth and my favourite faithful .do woman know the meaning of it .
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  DrPsychologist replied 4 years ago.

DrPsychologist :

It sounds like you are taking this one experience with your partner and generalizing it to all women. Obviously not all men cheat and not all women cheat either. e

DrPsychologist :

i'm assuming that is what you meant by "fooling around"

DrPsychologist :

my questions to you are the following:

DrPsychologist :

1. Are you really wondering if women know the meaning of honesty and truth or do you just need to talk to someone to express your disappointment/sadness/anger etc?

DrPsychologist :

2. If you need to talk to someone about this - would you like referrals to a therapist in your area (I would need to know the closest city to you)

DrPsychologist :

3. We all choose people for various reasons. What made you choose to be with this woman? What kind of women are you attracting or attracted to emotionally? (sometimes we attract people that are unavailable because we fear being in a relationship ourselves - I am wondering if that is going on for you). Sometimes that is not the case, and our partner leads us to believe that they are faithful.

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