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Dr.G., Psychologist
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I have met someone online and we are really enjoying getting

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I have met someone online and we are really enjoying getting to know each other very well. we havent met face to face but are planning a time in the future. He has since gone on a business tripto africa. Before he left he asked if i would send him a phone. Am I wrong in sending this phone to him?
I don't see any harm in sending a cheap pay-as-you-go phone. If he starts asking for more then I would be concerned about being taken advantage of. Oh but on second thought, he is there for business??? So he works.....he can't afford one?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well he has his own phone but its a locked phone and didnt know till last miute his phone wouldnt work over there so he had asked me if i would send him one that is unlocked. Right now he has to got to some cafe and pay to use the PC just to talk to me. Before he left from New York where he lives, he texted and called all the time. we are in constant contact 24/7 normally. But since he has been over there he is limited. He has offered to pay me back for the phone and his fine if I dont want to. But I feel what is the harm then we can talk all the time and he wont have to leave his room to do so. He has never said anything out of the way to me he has always treated me with respect in all of our conversations. We both are taking this slow and feel we have a mutual feeling for each other.

Ok then go for it. But I would send a cheap phone that he can buy minutes for. Usually he can do that over the phone or online so you won't have to continue to buy minutes for him.
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