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Doctor Kevin
Doctor Kevin, Ph.D.
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  24 years in a private practice
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My wife and I are having a lot of parenting, intimacy, communication

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My wife and I are having a lot of parenting, intimacy, communication and conflict management issues. What would you recommend we do to improve these skills? I'd prefer some sort of support group rather than a book or a counselor.

Kevin Kappler :

I can't offer you the following support groups for improving parenting skills:

Kevin Kappler :

parents helping parents

Parenting 101

Kevin Kappler :

find they support groups for couples who want to improve their communication are usually.on a local basis however here are three possible referrals:

Kevin Kappler :

A Better Marriage

Center for Relational Enrichment

Forever Families

Kevin Kappler :

here are some references for conflict management issues for couples

Kevin Kappler :

I would be glad to help you further if you gave a this city and state that you live in sense any of these groups are located by city

Kevin Kappler :

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