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what do i do if she is chosing to walk away

Resolved Question:

what do i do if she is chosing to walk away because she feels the timing isn't right, she is showing signs she does want to and has even said it. she is concerned she may be moving for school, she has had a lot of bullshit going on with her family life, an ex ; and just wants to make sure the bullshit is over(her words) she even went as far to say she knows she could lose me. she still wants to hangout and do our old movie nights we use to when we were together, contacts me almost everyday unless she is busy.she'll keep eye contact longer then needed when we talk, will always complement me. im at a lose as to what she wants. do i have no chance at this point or is the possibility there she still wants something more ? and is there anything i can do to show that the timing can be right?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 6 years ago.
She sounds torn too me. She has so much going on and is hoping that when everything gets straightened out that you will still be there. She is trying to focus on you which explains the eye contact. What she is doing is looking at you trying to figure out her feelings. She wants to be with you but wishes she didn't have all this going on in her life. It's life getting in the way. I feel that she needs you in her life right now but might be pushing you away because she is afraid you won't stay because she has so much going on. She still needs you in her life and that is why she wants to still hang out with you. She doesn't want to have a life without you in it. I feel like she is scared of losing you, so she says she is going to walk away because she is overwhelmed by her feelings for you. Being there for her will show her the timing is right that she needs you in her life that you can get through things together and I do feel there is a chance of something more.
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