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AgapeDoc, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Dr. W. D. Nicholas is a relationship expert & can help families or organizations become more effective.
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I am trying to talk to my ex-fiance. I have not contacted her

Customer Question

I am trying to talk to my ex-fiance. I have not contacted her in days, she is still using my vehicle and living on a lease that is both ours. Also I got kicked off my lease for false allegations but she still gets to be on it. I still have some of my stuff there and I cannot go get it. I just want to stop by and talk and see if she would like to go to church. I have bought some flowers for her and do not know if I can get in trouble for harrassment at this point. What do I do. I have no restraining order on me and the cops have been called on me twice in the past two weeks but they have had nothing on me for me to get in trouble. I believe she has had some time to cool down but if she hasnt and calls the cops I do not want to get harrassment charges against me. If I go there and give her flowers and a note and ask her to come with me to church and she says no and I just leave is that harrasment
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  AgapeDoc replied 5 years ago.

AgapeDoc :

Thanks for reaching out to me here at Just Answer. I think I can provide some guidance as I have worked with others in similar situations

AgapeDoc :

It seems you are in quite a situation and for some reason she has gotten law enforcement involved. She either feels scared of you for some reason (real or imagined) or she is using the law as a weapon against you. Either way it's not good for you.

AgapeDoc :

Here is what has worked for others in your situation.... have one of her friends or family members that you trust deliver the flowers and note - or in your case maybe a fellow church member to this. You could also have the florist deliver the flowers (some of my clients have done this and it has worked out very well).

AgapeDoc :

This way, you avoid (or at least minimize) the possibility of the problems you mentioned and you still accomplish the goal you stated you wanted.

AgapeDoc :

If she refuses, then you might just as well get ready for the next step - moving on with your life. In this case, you might do well to ask one of her friends about getting your things or maybe hiring an attorney to take care of the car and the lease you mentioned. Remember, you have rights too.

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