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I am with my daughter. She has had a baby premature. I have

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I am with my daughter. She has had a baby premature.
I have been driving her to hospital (1/2 hr trip) back and forth.
We do this two times a day.
She is trying to nurse.
The rest of the day I take care of her 7 yr. old.
She is most demanding.
Today, she hit my hot spot.
She refused to talk with me. Told me to quit asking ? and was very rude.
I went to use my daughters computer.
She came in and wanted to switch to her game.
I said for her to wait a minute. I wanted to write down the address of a friend and then she could switch.
She took the mouse and started to go to her game.
She lost my connection.
I yelled or maybe just raised my voice.
She started screaming for her mother.
Her mother came and started yelling at me to let her alone.
I tried to explain. I told my daughter to just have her come in and press the connection to my friends address.
My daughter said her daughter had to go to school.
I over reacted and later my daughter and I had a fight.
I told her that my grand daughter was controlling the household (bad move)
My daughter called me a f**king bitch and I had crossed the line and to get out of the house.
I have no money and no car.
What should i do.
I am a therapist not a lawyer, but it's a shame that everyone is struggling with these new pressures. Your daughter may come around but that will not fix her verbal abuse. If this is happened multiple times you definitely need to make other arrangements. These days you can locate some options on online but it is difficult if you have no money. Try finding resources through community advocacy groups, or your local church, or through your circle of friends. There may be people willing to help and have significant resources that you don't know about. The key is to doing the leg work. If you choose to stay, then you will have to approach your daughter when she isn't angry to talk about mutual respect and how to not demean you when the child is in the room. The decision is yours but this definitely have to be addressed. I would be looking at other options
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


I have tried to talk with my daughter.

She says she refuses to sit down and talk with me.

I asked her if we could have an 1/2 hr. meeting tonight.

She said no meeting just get out.

I don't want to break off our relationship.

I love my granddaughter and the baby to come home.

How can I keep this together and our family together.

Please reply.

I would like to have a reply that is not hurried with not so many mispelled words.

I feel as thought I am not getting much attention here.

Sorry. It is going to very difficult maintaining this relationship when she is so emotional but not impossible. Sometimes the extreme like moving may solve more problems than you think. This could add some distance and she may appreciate your help when this happens. But if you want to stay, you will not be able to really push the issue when she is stressed. Can you stay and focus on the positives and let her get past being hormonal so that the discussion is more rational. You may have to bide your time because as long as the is recovering it is difficult to deal with issues that are already emotional such as interaction withe the children. Delaying this meeting doesn't make you wrong. You can also isolate the issue alone which will keep the discussion more focused. Instead of addressing all of the family's issues try to focus just for now on the fact that her words really hurt your feelings and wish she could apologize just for that. Then the rest can be resolve in the near future. You may introduce the argument without discussing everything at once.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have a plane ticket to go to my other daughter's house on the 12th.

I just need a place to stay until then.

That's good. You deserve a environment where you are respected and appreciated. Enjoy time once you are there to regroup and regain confidence. You could discuss this once there as distance may help with your daughter being more objective (and find out you were really helpful). This could help you to plan out other options without all the chaos.
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