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Hi yeah I need some guidance on an issue,i;ve recently started

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Hi yeah I need some guidance on an issue,i;ve recently started dating a guy it's been 3 weeks now it's been going really well he seems interested he keeps wanting to see me we spent quality time togetther but now i'm wondering in what way he's interested in me we've already done it together now i feel a bit guilty cause it was really soon I feel like i want to tell him bout this but at the same time i don't want to reck what is going well i've told guys i've been dating where is this going before and it hasn't gone well i care about this guy and now i'm scareed about this cuase i've had several disapointments in dating before i want to tackle this the right way
Also theres another issue he's made me upset a bit bout making suggestions bout my life like big decisions like owning a property and buying a car and my job even though he says theres nothing wrong with my job but i wonder why he keeps making these suggestions they are quite strong options for someone i just meet



It is too early on to be disclosing to him a whole lot of information. The past is in the past. What you did and how you feel about it are really not his burden. If the two of you decided to be intimate early on, that is the decision that was mutually acted upon.


Try to focus on the present, learn more about one another. Do not think about your past disappointments from other relationships because you may sabotage this relationship. Give it a chance and see where things go in the next several months.


If he is giving you advice you do not like, simply ask him to stop doing it for the time being, and let him know you appreciate his effort and that if you want to consult with him on his opinion, you'd do so.

You do not have to lose your cool in fromt of him but just be honest about it.
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