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Jennifer, School Psychologist
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Extensive experience fostering family relationships through consultation / counseling.
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There is a guy I have known for about a year now he liked me

Customer Question

There is a guy I have known for about a year now he liked me and I wasn't ready for a relationship-had just gotten out of a long one. We started hanging out though and I started to develop feelings for him. I let him know that I didn't just want to sleep with him anymore that I changed my mind and I was only planning on having sex after in a relationship. He said he didn't want to date me though, said because I had a kid and we both owned houses. Weird excuse...figured he was just scared. We continued to hang out and we always have fun when we do. He ended up getting a girlfriend who pretty much lived with him, but still always hit on me and he even said he still liked me and probably always would. He said he didn't know how we would work out because our lives weren't compatible. Anyways we continued our friendship and hung out every once in a while. He recently broke up with his girlfriend, and we were talking a little more than usual. All the sudden the other day he is responding with only one word texts and pretty much ignoring me. I said whats the deal..he played dumb or avoided for awhile. Then I finally said today So why do you act all nice like you like me one day, then ignore me and blow me off the next? A real, honest answer would be nice. And he said what did i do? And I said stop avoiding my questions just tell me what you want from me because I obviously keep guessing the wrong thing. And he says friends (my name) friends. And I said well why do you always tell me how much you like me and try to kiss me and so on, I mean you can't honestly be surprised that i'm confused...he said I understand. I'm bad when I drink. Terrible habit. So I pretty much said wow, your an ass. That's f**ked up to play games with my mind just to make yourself feel better, too bad he couldn't have been honest earlier maybe then we coulda been friends but my friends treat me with respect and apparently have a whole lot of other qualities that you don't-so no thanks. Hope you enjoyed the sick pleasure you got out of it. Wish I never met you- so lets pretend like I didn't. He didn't say anything back and I told him he could keep a shirt of mine he had planned on returning to me soon. Said something like you can use that to jack off on in a week when you change your mind and miss me. He said ok thanks. I was ready to be over it and move on. Then hours later he sends me two texts one saying don't blame me for your personal problems, then 20min. later when I didn't respond he sent one saying or a chic that f**ks the whole town. I haven't slept with anyone but him in the past almost year, small town gossip I guess. So I am wondering if he just got mad and is trying to hurt me because he heard something like that, or does he really not like me like that? Any input would be appreciated. Also What do I say back to those last two texts or should I not respond at all?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Jennifer replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Jennifer :

Hello and thanks for using!

Jennifer :

Hello and thanks for using! Don't respond at all. His texts don't deserve your time and energy -- particularly if he's going to stoop to that level of maturity. You're not interested in a relationship with someone who treats you this way, so who cares what he's heard or of he's just saying what he thinks will sting. Best to ignore him and let him stew in his own immaturity and your final words of parting. Focus your attention on more important things. He treated you poorly all along and made it very clear that he wasn't looking for a relationship. His accusations are not worth your time.

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