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If my boyfriend is looking at videos of him and his ex having

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If my boyfriend is looking at videos of him and his ex having sex should I confront him or leave?
Hi, you might want to let him know how you feel about the matter. If you confront him don't "accuse" him, just ask him why he feels the need to watch. Talk about how it makes you feel. Remain calm and use "I" statements, you'll get more of a response from him if he doesn't feel you are attacking him (even though you want to) about this.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
But I feel he will just get mad at me for snooping and turn it around on me.
If he does that then you know what you need to do. If you want a relationship to work you have to be honest with each other and at times that may be hard to do. If you were snooping you must have had suspicions of something so you really have nothing to lose by talking to him. If he decides to turn it around on you, tell him you are being honest because that is what you expect from a relationship. If he gets angry then you would be well advised to rethink this relationship.
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