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Jennifer, School Psychologist
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Wow. I could not believe that there was a section for relationships.

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Wow. I could not believe that there was a section for relationships. I have a question. I am dating a girl now for three months. Everything is great of course because it is at the beginning and we haven't dated as long. I want things to remain exciting for us. I was wondering if you had any advice on what kind of things I could do for her that would be fun for a girl, especially in the middle of the day. There are always things to do when we are hungry. I either make food or she does and at nights we can relax and watch movies or something. Sometimes though in the middle of the day, I can't think of anything to do so sometimes we just sit around. We've been to the park and we have been hiking. I just can't think of things that do not involve what we have done or food. She can be quiet sometimes and she won't speak up about what she wants. I feel a lot that we always do the things I choose and I know she is fine with them, but I would like to surprise her sometime and do things she likes. Any cheap fun ideas would be nice.
Hello and thanks for using!

First let me say that I love how you're brainstorming ways to have fun in creative and new ways! That's a wonderful way to keep the relationship exciting for both of you and help you to avoid getting into a monotonous routine. Here are a few ideas you might consider...

* I know you've been to the park, but did you feed the ducks and geese?? Find a park with a pond and relive this childhood favorite. If it's windy, bring a kite!

* Go to a local nursery to enjoy the atmosphere and browse the many flowers / plants they have available. On your way out, you could pick up an inexpensive potted plant for her.

* Volunteer together -- Check with local food banks, clothing &/or school supply drives to see if they have a need for volunteers. This would be a fun way for you to connect with one another while helping others.

* Visit an animal shelter or Humane Society. There are so many adorable animals and they can use all of the attention they can get!

* Be a kid again -- Visit a roller rink, ice arena, arcade, or bumper cars. You may even want to bring a young relative along for the fun.

* Explore a new area of town you've never visited together. Look up reviews online (Yelp is great for restaurant reviews) and find a cafe that's known for the best pie / tiramisu / whatever specialty dessert. Make a plan to visit just to see if you agree with the rave reviews.

* Print a list of the Top 100 movies ever made. Highlight the ones neither of you have seen and make an afternoon out of watching an old movie together (don't forget the popcorn!) You might even decide to make this a weekly date where you pick a new movie from the list each time. Check your library to see if they have the movie you're looking for (free is a great price!)

* Look into a cooking class. Many places offer fairly inexpensive classes to teach customers how to make themed dinners, appetizers, or specialty selections (e.g., sushi). Check local cooking schools, culinary stores, and specialty grocers to see what one-time classes they might offer.

* Go to a thrift store and buy a cheap top or pair of pants (the uglier the better!) You could even agree that you'll pick out what the other will wear! Stroll around together in your new tacky attire and laugh at the looks you get from strangers.

* Do a puzzle, play a card game or a board game -- even better if you can find out first what her favorite childhood game was.

* Spend an afternoon taking artistic pictures -- with your own cameras or buy some disposables. Get them developed the same day and enjoy the great shots you've taken.

* Go for a bike ride together.

* Visit an art gallery or art museum.

* Spend an afternoon at a nearby zoo or aquarium. Too pricey? Stop by a few pet stores to visit the fish, birds, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Some even have cats and dogs and welcome customers who would like to hold them.

* This is the perfect time of year to pick berries. Go to a local farm to pick berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are in season now). You could then head back to bake a dessert together as well (cobbler, pie, etc.)

* Visit a bookstore or library. Share your favorite books with one another and pick up something new to read while you're there.

I hope those ideas help!! Best of luck to you!
Jennifer and other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you. I will try those things out.

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