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Im 37 and I look like Im 26. It is a blessing yet it is a

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I'm 37 and I look like I'm 26. It is a blessing yet it is a curse online dating for a single female who has never been married with no children. I've focused on my career, trying to get ahead, and time has slipped from me. I have dated yet most men I have dated I have had no spark with. And ones I did seem to string me along wasting my time but it did show me what I did want and what I didn't want. It seems this age thing wasn't a MAJOR PROBLEM til now. Boom it hit me by some jerk saying I was too old to have children. The problem I'm having is that most men are rejecting me from the number I type in online. I don't want to lie because the truth comes out and that can be a deal breaker. Yet I don't look nothing like my age that if they were to see me in person they wouldn't be thinking about a number but that I look like the age range they would be wanting to date. The only thing is I don't get out much and live in a retirement community hoping to move soon. Online dating is so huge and people can so easily dismiss others. All this is really a big problem for my situation. HELP! What do I do?
Hello my name is Angela.
I am more than happy to assist you with your questions by giving you my honest and respectful opinion.

I understand your frustrations, however, it is best to continue to be honest. A man who thinks you cannot have children based upon being 37 years old is a misinformed man as any gyn would tell you that you certainly could still have children unless there is an underlying medical reason preventing this. Dating takes time regardless of what method you utilize, there is no quick fix. It takes time to find the right man and when you finally do find the right man he will not dismiss your profile based upon your age. I would recommend trying additional dating sites of interest to you. Dating sites come in all varieties, for example there are dating sites for people who love tattoos and are looking for others who feel the same and want to date. Try seeking out dating sites based upon another interest you have other than naturally meeting a mate. Add more variety to your dating sites and remember it takes time to find the right mate.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
<p>Hi Angela,</p><p>Thanks for your reply. I will certainly accept! I just have a few other questions regarding this. Do you know of any sites that are geared to single professionals without children? I googled and the one that came up was for single professionals that don't want children. I'm not in that category but don't want to have to deal with other people's children especially an "x". ( I don't need the baggage and know this type of relationship isn't right for me, it would be very painful to be in that kind of relationship considering my past and seeing my mother and I go through pain of a step sister/stepfather). It is one of the reasons why I'm freaking out at my age. Afraid I could go through this again yet at a different angle. I would like to have that time with my man and then have a child that we could both share. Also, people think something is wrong with me cuz I'm not married yet at my age and most people have been through it. To get some advice from others, men have told me that they might feel pressured with women my age. While this has always been the case no matter what age it's been ( I look to young, etc), it's now just a good excuse that backs it up (the age #). I feel men don't want to grow up. I like to find one that is grown up and not afraid of responsibility and committment yet they seem to be married. However, No matter if I get on any site I still have to reveal an age number and being ruled out for it. I hate being ruled out for a stupid # XXXXX doesn't match my appearances. I find people so closed minded on dating sites yet I know that some have met their spouses on them. I don't know what to do??? I wish people would meet the old fashion way. Any good places to meet people? People usually say churches but I find the men geeky and very closed minded. I do want to keep my options open in meeting this right kind of guy but finding him seems to be a challenge that I wish would get easy. I just need advice or sugestions where to look or a good site to find. I am an artisic person who loves to be visually creative, dance, listen to music, fitness (yoga, cardio, some weights, spin classes), spirtiuality, and bettering myself. Alot of this is very female based which is hard to meet men unless your into sports. And plus you have to be a member or know someone to introduce you. I don't know people that can introduce me cuz they are too afraid that I or the other person would blame them if it didn't work out, so they don't bother. How did dating get so complicated??? Your advice much appreciated! </p>
I understand your frustration with dating sites, but I recommend still being honest about your age and also you could include something in your profile which pertains to your age as only being a number and so forth. Also, it would be a good idea to try and meet guys beyond the dating sites and beyond churches. Think about things you are interested in and go to those places to enjoy an activity and to try and meet guys. For example, do you like poetry, jazz, plays, etc? Also, many local places will hold some sort of singles night to get acquainted. Search for singles get togethers for Palm Springs, CA on the internet and see what comes up. Also, check your local newspaper to see if anything is listed in the activities section. If you decide to try the church scene, I would suggest going to a singles potluck dinner hosted by a church. These are typically pretty common (-especially at large churches) and you could also search by that criteria on the internet to find churches to go to. They usually involve each person bringing a dish to the potluck and are centered around some sort of activity. They can actually be fun. I think dating is very complicated and having technology does make it more complicated, for example: dating sites, but at the same time it also presents additional opportunities to meet guys. Hence, it's a double edged sword.
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