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I am married for 4 months. My husband decided that he wants

Customer Question

I am married for 4 months. My husband decided that he wants to know the truth about my past. I did not want to tell him about my past, we have been together for 12 months before marriage, I am 29 years old, he is the same age as me. He pressured me to confess to things that he thinks that I have done. Mostly speculating about things that seem obvious but are not linked to the truth. He gathered all my stuff and told me to get out, if I did not confess to what he thinks is the truth. I gathered my stuff and is now staying at my moms. I really do miss him, I cannot believe that he is wiping out 12 years and more on a rumour or things I supposedly did before my marriage. I tried to show him that home is where he is and I should be with my husband. The house we are renting are his parents, he told me that it is not his house,so I have to get out anyways. I have no proof of rent, WE DO NOT HAVE A PRENUP EITHER. I would like my husband back. Please help, Caroline
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Hello Caroline my name is Angela.
I am more than happy to assist you with your questions by giving you my honest and respectful opinion.

As far as your husband kicking you out of the home that you have both been living in, I would recommend calling your local police department's non-emergency phone number and asking if he can legally do this, because he may not be able to legally do so; check with the police right away. If he is not legally able to kick you out of the house, then be sure to ask the police officer for their advice in lieu of your situation so that you can return to your home.

Also, I understand that you care deeply for your husband, however, please also know that the way he has disrespected you and gave you an ultimatum is deplorable and humiliating. You deserve for him to treat you with respect and honor and for him not to pressure you into confessing anything. With that in mind, since he is rejecting you at the moment, I would recommend giving him some additional time and space away from you before you attempt to reconcile with him. After some additional time has passed then once again try to talk to him about your situation and to see if he is willing to compromise with you and to work through your situation. If counseling is an option and he is willing to go this would be very helpful, however, if it is an option don't bring it up until after he has had some additional time and space to cool off.

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