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it is my ex boyfriends birthday today... (havent been toget

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it is my ex boyfriends birthday today... (haven't been together for 2 years) He wanted to be friends, I haven't been able to handle that.Do I wish him an happy birthday? In the past we have chatted on an off via email, but it never ends well.I don't want to start a relationship again, romantic or friendship at this time. That said, I didn't want him to think I forgot his birthday.I feel guilty about not sending an email, but really don't want to start communication. Is it wrong of me to just let it go and not wish him happy bday.. sounds stupid i'm sure
I understand your dilemma, however, if you send him a birthday wish it could open the door for him to communicate back to you. Since you do not want friendship from him at this time, I don't think taking the risk of sending the email is worth it because there is a very high likelihood that he will respond to it and the email cycle back and forth between the two of you would most likely begin. Also, even though its been 2 years that you have been apart, I doubt that he actually thinks you forgot his birthday.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I appreciate your advice. I think my issue is that i feel guilty not acknowledging this day. (it's almost over!) I don;t want to start up anything at this time. I still need my space. is it ok to just let the day pass.
Absolutely it is okay to let the day pass! Based on what you have written, you seem to be a very conscientious person- this is something that I am sure your ex knows and also adds to why I believe that he will know you haven't forgotten his birthday. You both have moved on so there is no need to feel guilty about anything and you don't owe him anything, not even a birthday wish because you have both moved on. Kick guilt to the curb and enjoy the rest of the day!
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