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Dr.G., Psychologist
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My husband& I divorced in 08 after being married 22 years.(I

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My husband & I divorced in 08 after being married 22 years.(I left him for many reasons ).We reconciled and remarried almost a year ago.Things are much better now , but theHe was using cocaine and was abusive sometimes. The other day I used his computer & wanted to check my yahoo mail and his yahoo mail was open and I saw it said a facebook messge from Susan so & so .I was curious and the mesage looked like it was to and from my husband and his ex fiance from the 80s.It seemed just friendly telling about thier kids and careers she said she was divorced but he told her that he has been divorced since 08.What should I make of this?Since we've been remarried he raves about how much he loves me .Even today on the phone he said he loves me more each passing day.The emal was dated about 3 weeks ago but he ended his with "talk to you soon".I wonder if he just left out details because he did'nt want to explain about the remarriage or he lied to keep his options open with her.
The only way to know the real answer is to ask him. But I guess from a practicality standpoint, and giving people the benefit of the doubt, I would say it is too complicated to talk about through email and so he just decided to leave it out. Just my guess.
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