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I am currently working for my parents. I agreed to work for

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I am currently working for my parents. I agreed to work for two weeks.
However, I was unable to work yesterday (monday).

Normally this would be considered trivial. However, my mother and I have always had a volatile relationship at best and apart from working for her
(only when neccesary), we have no relationship to speak of.

After arriving at work today, everything appeared to be fine at first.
However, in only a matter of minutes I realised that by missing a single day of work her demeanor had changed. I am of course accustomed to this but the difference today was the degree of vitriol directed at me from her. For instance she actually asked me why I did'nt just die already.

I would like to know if I should return to work or whether I should in fact sever all ties with her.
You know the history between you and your mother better than I but from what you say I would say it is not a healthy relationship. If you absolutely can't sit down and work it out with her than I guess you are left with no choice but to distance yourself. Cutting all ties might be drastic but working for her on a daily basis may be a little too close for comfort. You can put distance between the two of you by 1) not working for her, 2) not living with her, and 3) setting your boundaries with her. What this means is that if she starts to criticize you or talk badly to you then you leave. You do not have to tolerate her abuse. this will send the message to her that you mean business. I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for the advice. However, I have one more question I would like to ask you.

You see, she actually expects me to go to work today. Since I have 3 days left out of the two weeks agreed upon initially.


I would like to know if I should go or whether I should cut my losses and sever ties without ever seeing her again.

Finish your obligation to work and make the best of it. Then once that is done you can be done with your mother.
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