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song by richard thompson - last three words she said no.

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song by XXXXX XXXXX - last three words 'she said no'. Out around 16-20 years ago. One of those songs that does make you want to disembowel yourself with a plastic fork, but then, XXXXX XXXXX, doesn't narrow the field that much.

he may have got religion - have to ask self: did religion ever get him?

enough rambling. (walk a while, tho'). lyrics? album? mp3? youtube?

kindly person who will sing it to my mobile phone just because the technology allows...?

Hey Maille,

Here is a list of all of his song's lyrics and you can get most of them on ringtones & mp3s and youtube! If you had a few more words to go by, you can find it pretty quickly, but since most of his songs are about love lost, it's hard to find it by the title alone without checking on all of them. I bet you can find it in the list once you read the titles, though.

Thanks for letting me help you on your quest, and you have a wonderfully humorous writing style!

Anna and 2 other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

is my problem - he's taken the song off the market, but a friend of mine had it burnt onto a pirate cd, and it was playing when he killed himself. I just wanted to know the words so I could understand a bit better, but since it's turned into a kind of suicide anthem dude has done the decent thing.

just wanted to understand. But i guess that was never going to be an option.
Wow. Sorry about that.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
not your problem. just remember the song vaguely from long ago, and remember that it was about trying really hard to pull a relationship together, and failing finally. I think that's probably all I need to know, too.

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