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So here goes. Been seeing my girl for 13 months. Overall, the

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So here goes. Been seeing my girl for 13 months. Overall, the relationship is solid on all aspects. However, there is one issue that keeps popping up and I either want to get rid of it or see why it's happening.

She is 27 and Im 26

Every so often my gf will get text messages from some guy shes known before me. They dont happen very often, but it occurs late at night when we are trying to sleep. We have talked about it before and she said she has told him to stop texting her, but he wont quit.

Every time It happens I get upset, I trust her 100% and she knows this, I just want this to stop. I am starting to think she wants the attention

What should I do, if anything to make it stop.. I can't stand this


Ask her to at least respect that you are trying to get some sleep and turn off the phone she can check the text in the morning. If she is reasonable she will respect your wishes she doesn't have to answer her texts as soon she receives it, you should also ask her why he cannot text her at a more reasonable hour maybe he lives somewhere that there is a time difference and doesn't comprehend that you may be sleep. If this is the only issue then you should be able to talk through this just tell her that it's important that you get sleep and this is your only request is for her to turn her phone off at night when she is sleep so that you don't have any interruptions.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

But could it be that he's trying to take my girl? Or, she likes the attention?

The fact that it happens late, and never early tells me he's up late thinking about her, this bothers me. No?


It could very well be that he may like her more than a friend but she may just be trying to be a friend and true friends are there for their friend day or night, she might like the attention but if she were trying to hide anything from you she wouldn't let you know that he texts her or she would text him away from you. I would tell her that you are tired of losing sleep because he wants to be disrespectful and text her at night or tell her to put it on vibrate so that you won't hear it. If you are cordial with him enough to say something to him then maybe you should do that if he knows it bothers you he may not do it anymore so not to cause a fight between you and his friends (your girlfriend).

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