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my girl friend just broke up with me after 3 years we were

Customer Question

my girl friend just broke up with me after 3 years we were fighting for awile over money and insecurities we both had on thursday we had a fight that she started and she beged to be forgiven on friday we had another fight small one this time and after i went to sleep she left this isnt the first time and there is kids involved she has a son and i have 3 sons we always refer to all the kids as ours and we were always talking about mariage she will not talk to me she blocked my number and she hasnt spoke to me or been home with her son in a week all of her things are here and i want here back i sent flowers but she would not take them she says she wants this to be over but like i said this isnt the first time this is the 4th the longest time she spent away was 2 weeks i wan her back and dont know what to do
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 7 years ago.


The important thing to do before you try to get your girlfriend back is to take some time and think about what went wrong. For instance you should ask yourself: The reason why you think things went wrong this time is to determine if things are fixable between you and your girlfriend. Ask yourself what you argued about and then try to fix that about the relationship, she may not come back if she thinks things are going to be the same, she may want to see things change before she will come back so you have to make an effort to show her that you are willing to work towards change or actually change. So if you want to get her back, you must make subtle changes to yourself which demonstrates attractive qualities. Unfortunately, it's only after losing a person, that we realize the importance of having someone besides us, it's after the breakup that you think of the wonderful times you have spent with her, try to keep your emotions fixed. Over reacting only makes her get away from you. Even though there are many ways to deal with situations like this, it depends on your choice of selecting the best method to get her back. Write her a letter or a poem or anything which communicates your feelings. Try to avoid the communication gaps by sending mails or text messages or by calling her repeatedly to express your feelings. If you can express your thought process to her, she will get to know your real feelings and there are chances that she will get back to you. Tell her that the mistake is yours and promise her that you would not commit such mistakes in the future. If you place blame it will be harder to get her to hear you out so if you have to take the blame no one wants to hear that it's their fault even if it is. Show her all of the reasons she fell in love with you in the first place.

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