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I split with my female partner after 8 years (i am also female).

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I split with my female partner after 8 years (i am also female). Ii really want to try again and although my ex partner is not closed to the idea, she says I am pushing hher away by being so needy, how can I win her over? I love her to bits!


It sounds like she needs some time to herself and feels as though you are not giving her that time what you need to do is live by the old saying "No one needs the needy" and it is probably turning your partner off to the fact of getting back together with you, don't make yourself seem needy. Even though almost everyone feels like they need to express to their ex that they cannot live without them, there is no point in telling them that. Instead stay strong, let your ex see that you are okay by yourself, and show everyone around you that you have self confidence and you are happy with yourself. Seeming needy or desperate will only push your ex further away, so make sure to maintain your confidence to get her back. Once you give her the space and I would suggest giving her at least a week after that week call her and ask to talk to her if you get the chance to talk, make her feel comfortable. Avoid issues that are too closely related to your past experiences especially the bad ones. Just make the conversion friendly instead of talking about the problems you had in the past try to show her that you are trying to live for the future and forget about the past problems you had. The most important thing is to give her time she will respect that you are trying to give her space.

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