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I am now divorced from a man i was married to since march 2006.

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I am now divorced from a man i was married to since march 2006. we have a son together. i live in usa, he lives in uk. i am black he is bengali. his family never wanted him to marry me and never accepted me or our child. i found out in feb. that he married another woman(in 2007) in his home country and she now(since dec.08) lives there with him and his familyand is pregnant. i know he only married her to get his family off is back, he has a huge problem with confrontation and emotional blackmail from his mother. i would think by now, he would be used to it. he says he wants me back and will divorce her, if i just give him some time. he has lied and lied and lied to me, why is he trying to hold on to me? he says he does not love her, and wants to be with me. i told him actions speak louder than words...i want to know what you think? should i wait for him to divorce this girl, and be with me?


To be honest if you do wait it will only be the same things you went through before and he may not even divorce her but make false promises to you just so that you will give him what he wants. With that being said I suggest you not wait for him and if he gets divorced and then comes and finds you then maybe you could consider it but I really doubt he will especially if his family accepts this other woman they will make it very hard for him to leave. I would tell him to get divorced first and then come talk to you but also he will be deserting his pregnant wife you don't want that on your conscience and you have to ask yourself "would I want that done to me?" I think you should find someone that won't dessert you and your child just for the sake of his family.

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