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robert baker
robert baker, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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My son will turn 19 this month. Still in high school and doesnt

Customer Question

My son will turn 19 this month. Still in high school and doesnt work. Local bank gave him a loan and he isnt able to pay it. They are getting a collection agency. Ive already covered one loan for him and told the bank not to give him any more loans, but they did anyway. As a mother what should I do. Keep covering his mistakes or let it go.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  robert baker replied 7 years ago.
Miss i am 24 years old now and i hate my parents for not helping me with life right after high school they felt like "there jobs were done because i was 18 now". I understand you do not want to pay for your sons loan and it is unfortunate he received another loan but in 10 years when his credit is still good and him and his wife buy there first house together so your grandchildren have a place of their own to call home your son will think back to when you paid the loan and kept his credit what it is. Try to set down with him and have him think about the future, if the wife and kids speach is to much for him then try a fancy car or motorcycle boat anything that will appeal to him that he may be in jeopardy of not getting an aproved loan later on when it is something he might really want. Hope this helps if so please accept and pay thank you good luck

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