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should you except a female that was met on a brake in ur relationship

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when he does tell me that thay have talked he would say things like she has alot of med. problems the doctor told her she need to have sex and things like that i dont think u would share with someone u just met
Hello, and thanks for your question.

How long have you been in this relationship and how long were you on a break?

How did he meet this other woman and how long does he know her?

Is he dating her and having sex with her while he's still dating you or are you still on a break?

Thanks for all your additional details about your situation.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
we have been dating for 2 years we have a one year old son together the break was for like 2 weeks he met her at a bar same place he met me thay have know each other for like 4 mouths not sure if thay had sex we are together now he knows i dont like there relationship but he says thay are just friends and if i get to no her i would like her. another thing about her is that one time i did try to hang out with her but me and my boyfriend were argueing she went off to another spot of the club and text him that he has left his guest alone he says she didnt no that we was argueing but i say still in all u dont text a man when he is with his girlfriend to let him no that he left i wrong for think this is not just a friendship

No, you are not wrong at all! If you are back together, he shouldn't be having what seems like a relationship with another woman. I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX doctor told her she needs to have sex; that sounds like a 'line' and is really quite desperate.

If she knows you are back together, have a son, and have been involved for 2 years, she should stay away from him, unless HE is encouraging her to continue to communicate with him, etc. No, it definitely 'smells' like there is more than friendship going on here, and you need to have a serious, honest talk with him about how he's behaving. He has to decide if he wants to remain in a relationship with YOU, the mother of his child, and if he loves you enough to not hurt you by seeing other women. There is no reason for you to get to know her; she's not your friend and you don't want to be friends with her.

Try to talk to him to set him straight on the meaning of being faithful and if he can't agree to be faithful to you, you will have to decide if you want to stay with him. If you're afraid to do this because he's supporting you and/or your son, don't worry, because by law, he still has to support your son. If you rely on his support because you don't work, I know you don't want to leave him or have him leave, but he does need to be faithful to you unless you discussed having an 'open' relationship and agreed it's okay to date others.

I hope things work out well for you.

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