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I know someone who was threatned by there husband first he

Customer Question

I know someone who was threatned by there husband first he tryted to snatch off there wedding ring off her finger then didn't care if her finger broke he just wanted the ring off her finger then to makes matter worse she has found out he is drinking then if that is not enough he has acused of her cheating when she is not when asked who shes messing with she said no one and before she knew it he slapped her she after slapping he told her she better stop cryin before he does it again she did in the middle of the night she tryes to get away but he wakes up not to metion she has 5 children he claims that he so sorry and will never to it again this not the first time this has happened when she was pergent with their 5th child she dragged her by her hair throught the house and pulled out some of the haid he also said then he would never do it again now this time my friend is applying for her an apartment she wants a divorce even thou they arent arguing now isn't she doing the right thing??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.

Your friend is absolutely doing the right thing, to file for divorce, and if her husband has been violent and abusive with her, she needs to leave immediately, find a friend or relative to live with, for her and the children, and report this abusive behavior to the police.

She can't wait until an apartment application is approved; she needs to pack up her stuff and the children and get out of there, now. If there's no one she can stay with temporarily, she can go to an abused women's shelter in her city.

I hope your friend will be alright. You are very kind to be concerned and ask this question for her!


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