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this guy gives me loads of eye contact,when in company he looks

Customer Question

this guy gives me loads of eye contact,when in company he looks at me like im the only one around,he playfuuly teases me,'accidentally' brushes against me,has his own pet name for me,does he like me?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 8 years ago.

Julio Bryne,


He exhibits all of the classic signs that he may want more but may be afraid to lose your friendship so he hides how he feels also when a person really likes someone simply as a friend, their body language very closely mimics the body language of people in love which can be very confusing but it seems like he likes you more than a friend and may want to start a relationship with you but isn't sure if you feel the same. If you are really close and communicate well maybe if you want more ask him if it would ever be possible and reassure him that his answer will not change or affect your friendship at all tell him you were just curious. Somehow you are going to have to show him that you are approachable and willing to give it a try and if the two of you are both single then I don't see why you can not give a relationship a try by now after 15 years you should know each the others likes, dislikes, what you want in the future I'm sure you have share these things with each other which is basically how relationships start. If you feel secure enough to tell him how you feel I would say to talk to him and see where his head is at you don't want to pour your heart out to him and him not feel the same and then it will make your friendship awkward.

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