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Ms Chase
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i am getting a devoice my wife has been gone for 7 months we

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i am getting a devoice my wife has been gone for 7 months we have a 3yr. old duaghter i am not in love with my wife any more and my wife says she hasent loved me for a year or more. two weeks ago my duaghter and i stoped at a friends and there where two wemen there from out of town, my duaghter took to them vary welland i was atacted to them they where fun to be around. i am not looking for a relationship i would like to have them for friends. so to my question i did not get there numbers but i went on line and found one of there email address should i email her or just let it go.
Hello Rico

Why didn't you get a phone number when you were with them?

You were attracted to both of them?

Have you asked your friend about them?

What are your ages?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

the friends house i was at it was his son that was home with his friends and like i sead i was not looking for any thing but i keep thinking about them becouse my 3yr old keeps bringing them up. yes i was attracted to both of them i only spent 4 hours around them. it sounded like they where interested in my daughter and me but i am not 100% sure. i am 34 they where 27 28

Do you have custody of your daughter or do you have her at set times?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
shared 50/50
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
just wondering what i should do
Hi Rico,

I asked about the custody times because as young as she is, she really shouldn't be around women friends or 'girlfriends'. As for whether you should contact them, it can't hurt, except if they think it's weird that you actually looked them up online, that might strike them as a little creepy. I would first try and see if you can say that you found it through someone else, or ask your friend to tell one of them to call you, but if the only way you can do it is to send an email, then I would go ahead and send it, and see what happens.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i do agree that my doughter should not be around other women that might posibley turn into something more and i don't intend on having my doughter around them. but if i do establsh that they are just going to be friends is it still not right to have my doughter around them? as for me looking up there email on line it was not that hard they told me where they work i just went to the sight and found the email, but i can see how someone could see that as creepy.
Hi Rico,

I say they might consider it creepy, because if they wanted to, they could have given you a way to contact them, but they didn't, so that is something to think about. By the same token, if you reach out to them, they may just laugh it off. I would say if you think you may see them again, then wait until you see them and exchange numbers. If you don't think you'll see them again, drop them a line and say hi. As for your daughter, I think if its a group situation she would be ok, but having one woman around even if it's friendly, will give her the wrong idea or even a complex about it. She needs to spend time with you, and have most of the focus be on her....then when she goes to her mom, you can do all of your socializing, this way it won't affect her. Let me know if you want to talk more

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