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is it normal for a guy whom just lost his mother 2 yrs ago ...

Resolved Question:

is it normal for a guy whom just lost his mother 2 yrs ago and grandmother last year to get distant around his girlfriend around mothers day. should i just let him go by his self and try to be with hios mother and grandmother at the cementary or should i try to talk to him. what should i do. my boyfriends grandmother took care of him when he was a baby actually she adopted him from his mom cause back then when his mom had him she was only 13 yrs old. so he had menigitis when he was born and if it wasn't for his grandma he would have died. his mother died 2 yrs ago, and his grandma just past away last yr in june. now he's talking about going to the cementary to be with both of them and now i'm scared cause i don't knowwhat he's going to do. i was looking for my dog last night and he calls me and said he's going to come home and get my dog from in the back yard, and bring him in the house.then he said he's going to leave after that. he said he's going to the cementary to be with his mom
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 9 years ago.

It's normal to feel a little depressed about losing a loved one especially a mother and grandmother that practically raised him and also especially around Mother's Day, just try not to leave him alone too much go to the Cemetery with him just tell him you are trying to be supportive of him and that you don't want him to feel alone this way he will know that even though he lost his loved ones he still has someone that truly cares and loves him. Support his decision to go to the grave site. Don't let him be alone too much during this time it may pass when Mother's Day passes but if it doesn't maybe suggest counseling for him, tell him it just helps to talk to someone about his loss and to learn to cope with the loss.

There are many people that go to their mothers and grandmothers grave site on special days like Mother's Day and birthdays don't discourage him this will make him withdraw even more but show him that you support his decision to honor his mother and grandmother during this time. You could even buy him the flowers to put on the grave he may appreciate your gesture and it could help him to open up to you more because he sees that you do understand how important this is to him. If you still need more help let me know.

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