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how would you write a thank you note to a new friend you ...

Resolved Question:

how would you write a thank you note to a new friend you would like to impress?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Mandy replied 11 years ago.

By taking the time to write a thank you note, you are sending a message that a gift received, kind gesture, attendance at an occasion, etc. was important to you. A thank you note tells a person you appreciated the time and care spent in doing something nice for you.

Never send a preprinted thank you card. A personalized, handwritten note express sincerity. Generally, thank you notes should be sent within a week of receipt of a gift or gesture.

Basic structure of a thank you note:

Saying thank you.

Thoughts on gift, gesture or occasion.

Saying thank you again.

Closing with signature.

Start with a word of sincere thanks. Be genuine; most people can sense when you are not being honest.

"Thank you so much for..."

"Please accept my sincere thanks for..."

"It made my day when..."

"I had a wonderful time at..."

"I appreciate the time you took to..."

"I'm so grateful you were there when..."

"I (wanted to, couldn't wait) to tell you how (much I appreciated, thoughtful it was of you to)..."

To make a thank you note sincere, always start by mentioning something about the gift. Refer to the specific gift by name, as well as what it meant to you, why you like it and how you will use it. If your friend has done something nice for you, you may thank them for the "heartfelt", "thoughtful", "touching" or "kind" act then mention how it made you feel and what it meant to you. If you were invited to a function mention something memorable about the occasion.

The ending should restate your appreciation with kind words.

"Again, thank you for your generosity. I am sincerely grateful."

"Thank you for showing me such a wonderful time."

"Your kindness and caring mean so much to me... it is so nice to have a friend like you."

"Your generosity and thoughtfulness is very much appreciated."

In signing your name, closings may include:


"Very truly yours,"

"With thanks,"

"With sincere appreciation,"


"In appreciation,"

"With gratitude,"

or simply "Thank you."

You might consider sending a token of appreciation with your thank you note. This might include an invitation to lunch (your treat), flowers, a gift certificate, etc.

Ultimately, your choice of wording in a thank you note should genuinely reflect your own personal appreciation for the gift or gesture. Don't make your thank you note too long, a short paragraph invites reading and makes a stronger impression.

:::I hope this has given you some helpful insight. If you have any questions, please let me know:::

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