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Nick Sparks
Nick Sparks, School of Hard Knocks
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 35
Experience:  I’ve been there, done that, and I always took notes
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Surprise Wife with Good News

Customer Question

Yesterday I accepted a great job offer. Haven't told my wife yet. She'll be VERY happy to know, but I want to somehow make telling her (Surprise !) very special. Take her to a special dinner ? "Accidentally" show her a copy of the job offer ? Meet friends for dinner and have one of them ask something, like "So I hear you got a new job with ... When do you start ?" Got a better idea ?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Nick Sparks replied 11 years ago.
Congratulations, and I am sure she will be excited. Just take
care that your grand announcement doesn't accidentally
make her feel like a passive observer, and spoil the news.

Having the job offer turn up under her soup bowl or some
similar charade in a restaurant would be playful. Does she
like a little tomfoolery?

A little more slick would be to bang out some new business
cards for yourself with your new job and title and let her
find it. Whether you simply place it near her seat while she
powders her nose or have it emerge from her souffle is best
left up to your sense of what she finds amusing.

You can get the kit for making the cards at an office supply
store. Just don't let any of them turn up at your new place
of employment.

A thoughtful card with a business card slipped inside might
tell her how central she is to your life and your news. I can't
help feeling that making he feel like a roleplayer in the
recent developments is important.

Definitely make it an intimate moment, without friends. If
you prefer to do it at home, get in bed first and leave the
clue on her pillow. Then pop some champagne.

I would love to hear how it all unfolds.

Best wishes for the future in your new job.

Nick Sparks, School of Hard Knocks
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 35
Experience: I’ve been there, done that, and I always took notes
Nick Sparks and other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  The Mystic Wave replied 11 years ago.


Congratulations! My very best to you.

It would be good to know what kind of employment was offered you in order to help plan around your surprise - if you wouldn't mind sharing???? - just let me know!

Bright Blessings.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

The Mystic Wave

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to The Mystic Wave's Post: Mystic:
Okay - I'll be in customer service - answering the phone (help line?) from medical lab techs who are having some kind of problem with the analyser that my new company sells. My job is to help them solve their issue.

Expert:  Michele Sayre replied 11 years ago.

You could call your wife on a cell phone (Disguise your voice, of course.) just outside your house's front door and say that you're new at your job. You just got the (name of position) for (name of company) and you were asked to pass on a message to Mrs. (your last name) to let her know that (your name) was actually the person who was calling her now to let her know about your new job, and also to tell her what a wonderful, loving wife she has been to you for far too long and you just wanted to return the favor by showing her a little lovin'!

You will, of course, have flowers and takeout in your hand as you walk in through the door and sweep her into your arms.

Another suggestion:

Have a treasure hunt of sorts. Give her a clue at the door, which will lead her to her first stop, first mini gift, and second clue and so on and so on.

Keep sending her to wherever you want her to go for more clues until you get to the last stop--the bedroom where you can either have her read about your job on the clue (that was lying next to a single red rose draped across your pillow) or tell her to go play the prerecorded message on the answering machine.

Clue 1 leads her to an ankle bracelet hidden in one of her shoes with a sign saying, "I'm blessed to be linked to you."

Clue 2 leads her to the refrigerator where she can find a two painted hard bowled eggs (made to look like a guy and a girl) sitting in a toy boat with a little sign reading, "Always glad to be stuck in the same boat with someone who is so wonderful and supportive."

Clue 3 leads her to a clock. You can leave her a wristwatch or one of those small clocks that clip onto purses. The sign will read, "May we always have all the time in the world."

Clue 4 leads to the watching machine. You can get her some bath beads and the sign will say, "Each day with you is always fresh, new, and exciting."



Clue---Now I lay me down to SLEEP . . .
Gift--single red rose laid upon her pillow (in the BEDROOM). Two notes: One telling her to check the answering machine for her final clue, and the other saying, "Every moment that I spend with you is like falling in love all over again."

Anyway, there are two suggestions. I hope that helps.

Mic Sayre
Expert:  The Mystic Wave replied 11 years ago.


Thank you for responding and providing this information.

Keeping in line with your job position, having friends around (during a night out for dinner, at a Chinese Restaurant), throughout the evening, they may wish to ask you questions in order for you to help them resolve "make believe" issues - for which, naturally, your wife will be observing same, your friends can proclaim how experienced you are in this particular type field and urge you to do so for a living - but keep it light - not letting on. You can type out a message to place in a fortune cookie, for which the waiter will give to your wife - and it will read "Surprise, _________(your wife's name) Great News! I just accepted a great job offer....Your loving husband, _____________(your name).... ---- Or, whatever you wish to say.

or, you can order your very own, personalized newspaper with headlines which will read about the job announcement, which your wife can pick up at a newspaper stand. (Arrange this with the person in charge of the stand. Advise your wife that you have ordered perhaps an international newspaper concerning an article written by a friend - (or something else).......let your wife know the name of the person in charge of the stand and that she needs to pick up the paper from this person);

or, while out to dinner or other type attraction, you can have a special delivery sent (such as a Telegram) and for it to be handed to your wife, along with flowers;

or, hire a skywriter to write "Congratulations ____(your name)......and Surprise______(your wife's name)..of course this has to be timed perfectly so not to miss it. With your wife not knowing what it's can then be explained by handing her a card with all the details....and opening up a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Cider (non-alcoholic) to celebrate....taking her out to dinner or to a movie...or staying home for the evening...whatever feels right to you.How to Hire a Skywriter -

or, write the announcement inside a card, hide the card in your drawer, address the envelope to your wife........ plan an outing...just before leaving your house, say in surprise that you left your keys or something else in the drawer, can't leave until you have it - and ask your wife if she could get it for you - she will find the card - sharing the excitement over dinner and movie or other activity.

or, just flowers Amoré Online - Services - Surprise A Loved One

or, order a cake and have it delivered - the writing can say "Congratulations, ________(your name)......on accepting a great job!"

or, buy plenty of candles and light them in a special room of your house - cook an exotic dinner for your wife, open up a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Cider - fill the tub with bubble bath (line the edge of the tub with lit candles)....................enjoy the evening indoors.

I hope this gave you some ideas - if not, just let me know....Perhaps sharing certain things of interest will help me come up with something else for you.

Bright Blessings.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

The Mystic Wave




Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Michele Sayre's Post: Thanks for responding and for your suggestions. My dad did a treasure hunt for my mom back in the 50's that was very similar to what you described. He started out with clue #1 which hinted where she would find #2. When she got there there were 2 things there: a clue for #3 and about 5 half dollars. Same pattern thru clue #8, each time there were more half dollars than the time before, so by the time she got there,there were about 35 half dollars at #8.
Then when she got to #9 (the final one), there were over 100 half dollars there.
I think it was her birthday gift. We all really enjoyed it.   Many times I think about how much those silver half dollars would be worth now.

Thanks again,
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to The Mystic Wave's Post: Hi Mystic -
Thanks for the thoughtful, creative, and excellent suggestions. I did use Rick's idea of a business card, though.
We went on a picnic along Chicago's lakefront
with our dog, Ollie and some sandwiches, etc. Great sunny weather early in the day. I put the card at the bottom of the picnic basket, asked her to get something out for me, and she didn't see the card. So I made it more obvious after she left for the ladies room. Asked for some more Smarties from the basket, she got them for me and STILL didn't see it. I asked her to get me a couple more things over the next hour or so, she did, but, again, didn't see the card. By this time, we were almost finished with our food, so I kept asking for more stuff for her to hand me and she still didn't see it, even though it was now near the top of the stuff in the basket
and face up in plain sight. She wanted us to leave to go take Ollie for a run on the beach, but I delayed leaving and she went to the ladies room again and I again placed the card in an even more obvious spot in the basket. Delayed all I could, asked her to hand me something else and still no.
So we had to pack up. I thought "Well, a time will come up later when I'll be able to surprise her." So we take our stuff to the car,load it up, and then walk Ollie around for about 40 minutes.   Then I got an idea. On the way back to the car, I suggested we stop at a park bench and rest a few minutes, cause usually she likes to sit down in the middle of lots of walking.   Well, this time she said she felt fine and could keep on walking. I'm thinking "Oh boy! Great! Now what?" So I said Let's stop anyway; I'd like to sit down. As we got within 6 or 8 feet from the bench, and she was walking Ollie just ahead of me, I dropped the card on the dirt/grass in front of the bench. Luckily, it landed right side up and we sat down.
We talked for a minute and then she saw the card and said "Look, there's a card and it says ABBOTT on it." She knew I had just interviewed with Abbott and thought that was interesting, but she made no attempt to go any closer and pick it up. It was just far enough away that she could only see the Abbott logo and maybe the word Abbott. I just ignored all of this, waiting for her to go pick it up. Nope! We talked some more and I kept waiting for her interest to pique and go pick up the card. She didn't. Now she was ready to go. She got up and started walking with Ollie toward the path to Lake Michigan. I was thinking "How am I gonna go pick up that card without her seeing me out of the corner of her eye?" You know how sharp women are; they don't miss anything!!!!
So I stayed on the bench. She came back and said "C'mon, aren't you coming?" "No." I said and told her I just wanted a few more minutes. So she comes back and sits next to me. I was kinda reclining, and she must have gotten bored, so she again saw the card and got up to check it out. She looked at it and said "It's got your name on it!" I looked at her, kinda smiled, and said "Yeaahhh". "What does this mean?" she asked in a nervous, puzzled, emotional, quivering voice. I musta grunted something because I was getting a little emotional myself and couldn't really say anything coherent. "Does this mean you got the job?" Teary-eyed, I shook my head yes and made a sound that resembled yes, yup, or yeah. "Oh you! How long have you known?" "Since Friday." "Friday! You, you, why didn't you tell me?" "I wanted to surprise you." Well then she started crying and hugged me.
Expert:  Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport replied 11 years ago.

Next time make it easier on both of you... rent a billboard.  ;-)

Good Luck!


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Oreport's Post: Sorry, Steve -
Question has been closed for several days.
Your answer is not one that I would choose at all.
Thanks, Frank
Expert:  Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport replied 11 years ago.

I was not offering an answer as much as (making an attempt at) a
humorous comment on how long it took for the business card to be

By the way, the question is still open. Because customers may, if they
so choose, accept more than one answer -- accepting an answer does not
automatically close a question.  If your question had not still
been open, I would not
have been able to post to it. 

I apologize for any misunderstanding about my previous post.



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