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I have an Panasonic Blu-ray Player, Model DMP-BD60, S/N VA9Gc023742,

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I have an Panasonic Blu-ray Player, Model DMP-BD60, S/N VA9Gc023742, purchased July 2009 from QVC. The audio has started to pause for a second on the entire disc. I contacted your customer service yesterday via phone and we went through the "reset" process for the disc player. However, when I place a disc into the unit, the audio is still pausing and is very annoying while watching a movie. Should I purchase some type of cleaning disc from Panasonic to elevate this problem (the player has never been cleaned). Thank you for your assistance. Karen @[email protected]
Looks like the expert you requested is not currently available but I will be happy to assist you. Please reply and let me know that you still need help.

Are you having website difficulties that are preventing you from replying?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I still am not receiving an answer and I have paid for the answer. I need specific instructions to get back to your reply.

I did not give my answer because you didn't reply when I asked if you wanted to continue. Now that I know you are interested I can give my answer...

First thing you want to do is buy a cleaning disc and play it in your unit:

>> click here to buy cleaning disc <<

If you still have an issue then your player may need a Software Update. Here are the instructions and the file:

>> click here for software update instructions <<

>> click here for software update file <<

If neither of those two solutions resolves your issue then the player has a defective laser and getting the unit repaired would cost more than buying a new player.

If you need more help from me then REPLY here, otherwise please take a moment right now to rate my service as EXCELLENT~GOOD~OK. After rating, you can reply to me at no additional cost and subscription is not required. My livelihood truly depends on you so remember to give me high marks when you see the FEEDBACK survey!

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Thank you,
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