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I just installed a Sony Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player, BDP-s3100

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I just installed a Sony Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player, BDP-s3100 so that I could stream Netflix to the TV to which the player is connected. My home wireless network showed weak signal to the Sony, so I installed a Netgear repeater system to get a stronger signal. I still can not link up to Netflix. Netflix videos have been downloaded to my computer, and I can play them on the computer, but can not get them to the Sony and hence to the TV. I must be doing something very simple incorrectly. Can you help me?


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Are you sure you are using the bluray player to connect to Netflix and that you are not trying to use your tv?


What is the make and model number of your tv?


After connecting the repeater does it still show weak wireless signal?


How far is the bluray player from the router?




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, I am not sure. The remote for the Sony has a Netflix switch, but it gives no response. the remote for the TV, a Vizio 39 tesla, has a Netflix switch which attampts to launch Netflix with the results described.


The signal strength appears to be adequate. The Netgear repeater consists of two components; a transmitter which plugs into my Comcast cable modem, and a receiver which cables to the Sony

So you are saying that the tv also has a Netflix button and that the tv is what you are trying to use to launch Netflix, correct?


I just need to be sure if you are using the bluray player to launch Netflix or the tv.... Some think that because it is seen on the tv seen that it is the tv and vise versa the bluray player, so I need to be exactly sure which you are trying to use for it?


Also lets say you are using the tv to try and launch the Netflix app, have you then tried using the bluray player to launch the Netflix app on it instead? This would be by connecting the internet to the bluray player as well, which it actually needs for updates.




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Joe: I just tried to use the Sony remote to launch Netflix, with no success. At first, it appeared that the Sony remote did nothing, so I checked to make sure I had its batteries correctly installed, (duh!) and that was OK. The remote turns the Sony on and off, and the open/close operates the DVD door as it should, but nothing else on the remote gives any response at all.

If you set the tv to the bluray source whatever that is such as hdmi1, if you press menu on the bluray player remote does the bluray (sony) menu come up?




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Joe: The Blu-ray needed a software update! It is now in progress! I assume it will tell me what to do upon its completion. Hope springs eternal!!

Once it finishes the update you will then go into the Netflix app and it will give you a link and a website to enter that link... once you have then activated that device on your Netflix account you can then use the Netflix button and access your Netflix account.


you need any further assistance you can reply back at any time for my help.





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