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San Bernardino County Code Enforcement Officer came to my

Customer Question

San Bernardino County Code Enforcement Officer came to my place last week saying that they received a complaint for a illegal building. The property is***** 29 Palms, California. 5 acre parcel APN###-##-#### The owner was nice enough to let me and my daughter move our stuff here until I was able to find property to buy. There is a small cabin and a bunch of his things here left over from the previous renters he had for about 10years. Ive been cleaning up he property for about 2 years. There was a lot of trash and just stuff and its been quite the chore. My daughter and I are here more than we used to be because of all of our belongings are here and the fact that my mother has past away and we moved out all of her things here so I have room and time to go through all of her belongings. We used to be here every once and a while but we are here most of the time now because my daughter is now enrolled in school out here. It just made sense so I can go through everything. Well the property is on a side of a hill and has no neighbors. The cabins that your able to see are vacant or just run down and nobody lives there. There is actually no neighbors, its pretty nice. The road that leads to our place goes straight to the hills and there is no one but off roaders from time to time that pass by. not too frequent though. My concern is that being that there is no neighbors at all, my buildings that the code enforcement said was ilegall cant even been seen by anyone at all and I don't see how or who could of complained unless it was just a jealous girlfriend of the owner of the property or mabey an enemy of his. He lives on the other side of 29 palms and he doesn't frequent here either. So if I wasn't here paying the electricity and water this place would be abandoned like all of the other cabins around here. This place is in better shape than any of the sourounding properties, solely because they are all run down and deserted. I have no passing by neighbors because it is at the end of the road. anyhow, he said there is a case number ***** he gave that to me and his card. he took pictures and I had to go pick up my daughter at the bus stop so I told him sorry but I had to go. He wasn't rude nor was I. I was just stunned because it was unbelievable that my bldg. would bother anyone especially because I have no neighbors and its so rural out here. what are the laws about having storage units ? I know from past experience that when code enforcement comes to their places they have to just through hoops, and conform to theyre requests but they have also had legit complaints by neighbors, although they lived in 29 palms as well they have neighbors that either pass their property or they are in distant view. so I can see perhaps how that might bother a neighbor having to see something t hat bothered them, but I am in nowhere land out here and I have no neighbors. I am just really saddened that this has ha[[ened because I have been working so hard to keep our things not only safe but trying to find a place for us to buy that my daughter and I can permanently live and now this, just bad timing because I am trying to do as much as I possibly can, and still trying to be a decent mother and raise my daughter. now I'm concern t hat we wont have a place at all. can you help me with perhaps a loop hole or a different direction I can possibly go to help us ????any infor would be appreciated.
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 3 months ago.

Unless the owner tells you that you can no longer live there, you have nothing to worry about. It's possible that the building you're living cannot legally have people in it. I don't know. But that is the owner's problem, not yours. The county can order him to evict you, but until that happens you have the right to stay where you are.

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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I still need help with the code enforcement damands, like what kind of storage buildings are allowed, do they have to be on wheels or do they have to be permanent? how many square feet? can I put a fence up? how tall? can I have electricity and water to the storage bldg.? he also said that I couldn't live in the cabin because it was too small? its the same as all the other homestead cabins out here. Is there really a law saying that it has to be so big to live in it although
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 3 months ago.

I'm sorry but I do not have access to that kind of detailed information. I will opt out. Perhaps someone else can assist you.

Expert:  Attyadvisor replied 3 months ago.
I am a different Attorney that was asked to see if I could assist you.
Expert:  Attyadvisor replied 3 months ago.
Did the code enforcement officer provide you with a code violation number? If in fact the use is a violation the owner can request a variance. In order to know what is allowed I would need to know the propety designation as well as the code that is allegedly being violated.
Expert:  Attyadvisor replied 3 months ago.

Not sure why you do not respond or rate the attorneys positively.

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