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I need some legal help with translating a few

Customer Question

Hello _ I need some legal help with translating a few clauses from Spanish to English from a real estate contract. I need to know what this means in lay mans terms - a summary. The first is, 'septima - sanemiento - Pablo , y Jane, no seran responsables
del saneamiento para el caso de eviccion en los terminos de ley, en caso de que una vez celebrado el contrato futuro, Paola llegare a ser privada de sus derechos de posesion, uso, o disfrute por una resolucion jurisdiccional futura, o sea requerida por la
autoridad ambiental al pago de derechos, sanciones, o cualquier otro concepto, por lo cual, desde ahora renuncia a ejercitar cualquier accion legal en contra de Pablo o Jane, en caso de que el citado supuesto se llegare a actualizar. Lo anterior en terminos
de lo dispuesto por el codigo civil y codigo civil federal. ' OCTAVA - CERTIFICADO PARCELARIO Pablo, se obliga a que en caso de que el RAN, expida un certificado parcelario del inmueble objecto del contrato a su nombre, con posterioridad a la formalizacion
o celebracion del contrato futuro, situacion para la cual debio haber recibidio el pago total del precio pactado, suscribira sin solicitar prestacion alguna, el contrato de cesion de derechos en terminos de articulo 80 .... a favor de Paola , o de la persona
fisica que esta indique, hara las notificaciones del derecho del tanto y de la enejacion al JMPS, a que se refiere el citado articulo. ' And , 'Las partes acuerdan que en el caso de incumplimiento por parte de Pablo , al contenido de esta clausula , el presente
contrato se dara por terminado y Pablo, estara obligado a pagar todos los danos y perjuicios que se incumplimineto cause.' Many thanks, Fiona
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  WiseOwl58 replied 1 year ago.
Here you go: Please rate the answer 4 or 5 and close out the question and you can call me if you have any questions or would like to discuss in more detail. Best wishes.
seventh - sanemiento - Paul and Jane, liable
Sanitation in the case of eviction in terms of law, if after the conclusion of future contract, Paola cometh to be deprived of their rights of possession, use or enjoyment by a judicial resolution future, or is required by the
environmental authority to duties, penalties or any other concept, which from now renounces to take any legal action against Paul and Jane, if the situation referred to be reached to update. This in terms
of the provisions of the Civil Code and the Federal Civil Code. 'EIGHTH - CERTIFICATE parcel Paul, agrees that in case the ANC, issue a certificate of property parcel object of the contract in his name, after the formalization
or celebration of the future contract, a situation for which must've recibidio full payment of the agreed price, without seeking any benefit will sign the contract of assignment of rights in terms of Article 80 .... for Paola, or person
this indicates physical, will make notifications both right and enejacion the JMPS, which refers to that article. 'And,' The parties agree that in the event of failure of Paul, the contents of this clause, this
contract will be terminated and Paul, will be required to pay all damages that cause incumplimineto
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That you, I was more looking for a summary of what it actually means in aly mans terms not just a translation. But thanks for trying - appreciate it.Fiona
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sorry that should read .. in a lay man's terms that covers the main points of the clause.
Expert:  WiseOwl58 replied 1 year ago.
Please rate the answer 4 or 5 and close out the question now.
Then we can have a phone call and I will explain it all to you in simple layman's terms, OK?
Expert:  WiseOwl58 replied 1 year ago.
Please rate the answer 4 or 5 and close out the question. Let me know if you have any more questions. All the best.

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