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Thomas Swartz
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My sister and I inherited property from out father who is deceased.

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My sister and I inherited property from out father who is deceased. Our father purchased the property in the 1980's. He bought the property from a company named Mineral reserves group who had previously been called Ince Mining. The company changed their name from Ince to Mineral reserves. The title company says we have no legal right to sell because the they only show Mineral reserves group on the deed and not Ince Mining. They were the same company and only changed their business name. How do I prove the companies were the same business entity and only changed their name? I am in Colorado. Thank you.

Here is something to try. When a business organization changes its official name it usually has to file some type of official document with the State in which it is organized. And usually this usually filed with Secretary of State's Office of the particular state in which it is organized.

If you are dealing with a Colorado business entity, I would try contacting the Colorado Secretary of State's Office. Here is the contact page of the Colorado Secretary of State's Office. In particular you want to use the phone numbers under "Business Organizations." And you want to ask them how to get a copy of the Statement of Name Change (or some similarly named document) filed by Ince Mining. This should be satisfactory proof for the title company to demonstrate that they are the same entity.

I hope this helps.

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