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My x-husband and I sold our house in 2007.The title company

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My x-husband and I sold our house in 2007.The title company searched loan # XXXXX when house sold ,we received aprx. 40,000.00. About a week later they said oops we didn"t see that there was an escrow acct. and you need to send back 21,000.00$. I called the home lender and they said that it's their( titile co.) mistake. And the loan # XXXXX had given them would have shown all accounts.I received no more letters or attempts to collect this debt. After receiving a current credit report, I find this loan has been accumulating at 8.75% if I remember correctly. My x-husband is deceased, we have not been married since 1998.Is this in fact error on the title company, if not, am I solely responsible for entire debt?Where do I go from here? Thank you.

I am a professional here to assist you. I appreciate your use of this service. If the debt has not been pursued, they may realize some degree of fault lies with the title company. They can still place this on your credit report. You do have options. The first step is to simply have the information removed. That can be done by pulling your credit report from each of the major credit reporting agencies and looking for the alleged debt on each. The next step is to contest the validity of the debt with each of the credit reporting agencies. If the creditor fails to respond or substantiate the information then it is removed. That would correct the credit report issue. The creditor cannot force you to pay that route, rather they must file suit and they may never do so.

Please follow-up with me as needed. This is intended to be an ongoing dialogue until you are satisfied. I rely on positive service ratings and bonuses to provide information at this site. I would really appreciate a positive service rating.

Thank you
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