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Andrea, Esq.
Andrea, Esq., Lawyer
Category: Real Estate Law
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Experience:  I have practiced law for 25 yrs. with an emphasis on real estate, business law, criminal defense and family law.
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We lease apartments at Nalcrest, a Florida corporation not

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We lease apartments at Nalcrest, a Florida corporation not for profit and adult retirement community in Nalcrest, Florida, Polk County. It is owned by National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), managed by Nalcrest Foundation and Nalcrest Trustees. Our leases have recently been redesigned and there are many ambiguous terms to the lease, which we are expected to sign by Sept 30. These ambiguities leave the terms open to interpretation and have left us fearful that our interpretation could result in Nalcrest terminating our lease with little notice.There are also contradictions concerning responsibilities for repair. I have compiled a written list of over 25 questions concerning the lease which I hope the Trustees will review and address at an informational meeting they will host locally on August 21 at 6 pm. We feel we need an expert to review our lease.

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I have over 25 years experience in real estate and business transactions,


JustAnswer is not a law firm and although the Attorneys in the Legal Categories, including Real Estate Law, are all licensed in their respective jurisdictions, we are not permitted to take on customers as clients, nor are we permitted to form any "Attorney-Client relationships. I can review your lease along with your questions and give you a summary of what I believe are issues which must be addressed in order to protect your rights as tenants, but cannot do so for the twenty four dollar value that justanswer has placed on your question. Any deposit you made is with JustAnswer and only a portion of that is given to the expert, but only if the customer gives a positive rating to the Expert who assisted them,




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your reply.


I have our 12 page lease in the format of 8 pdf files for your review. I also have the list of questions regarding the lease in word format.


How shall I forward the documents to you?



Is there any reason why the lease is in 8 PDF files, other than that it is a long lease? If you can scan the lease and send it as a "Word" document, it would be easier for me because I could make comments directly on it whereas I cannot do so on PDF files. I would still have a summary of my notes for you on a separate "Word" document which you could print out. As I previously said, I cannot do a review of a 12-page lease and a summary for the value that has been placed on your question. In situations where the customer asks for extra work to be done, justanswer leaves it up to the customer to offer an amount as a bonus because we are not permitted to negotiate costs or pricing with customers. If it is acceptable to the Expert, they will agree to do the work. The bonus button appears after the customer has given a rating to the Expert's service. I do not know about PDF files, but I do know that you can send "Word" files as an "Attachment" by clicking on the "paper clip" in the utilities tray at the top of your reply box.




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The paper clip does not upload doc or docx files. It apparently is used to insert images into the body text here.


Can you refer me to a Rental attorney for Elderly residents who resides near Lake Wales, FL?


I appreciate your attempts to help me in this matter.


Thank you,


Hi, Sharon, We cannot refer customers to specific Attorneys by name, but I am permitted to refer you to organizations where you can be the one to select an attorney among many. Please tell me in which County in Florida you are located so that I can look around there,




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We are in Polk County Florida.


Thank you.


Hi, Sharon,


You can contact the Polk County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service:



Name:Polk County Lawyer Referral Services

Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone:(NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>




Below is a website that has several listings for free legal assistance in Florida;


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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you,




Andrea, Esq. and 4 other Real Estate Law Specialists are ready to help you

Thank you for the Excellent Service rating and the Bonus, I appreciate it greatly, If you have questions in the future, please feel free to ask for me by typing my name at the beginning of your question, like this,

"For Andrea .......... "



If you receive a survey from JustAnswer, please rate me a 10 because it improves my chances of helping more customers with their situations,




Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to assist you,