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Hello, I and my wife are owners of a single family home in

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I and my wife are owners of a single family home in an "over 55" age restricted community (Sun City Roseville, CA). We had to relocate rather quickly so are in the process of renting it out, using a highyly rated property mgmt. firm in Sacramento (CGA Mgmt). They did a walk-through inspection and made the following comment:

"In the Living Room - The door to the garage does not have an "auto-close" hinge on it. This is something that is required by CA Civil Code and should be installed prior to a tenant moving in."

I am a realtor and have some experience in property management, but have never heard of such a requirement. I checked CA Civil Code 1941 and the Health & Safety Code 17920 and can't find anything about a "auto-close" hinge on a door. However, I may be out-of-date, and/or the HOA may have such a requirement on the homes built in Sun City Roseville.

Please advize. Thanks in advance,

Greg Mattes

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I do not see anything in the Code sections that you referenced, nor have I heard of it either. I believe this is something that the HOA might have imposed on the homeowners. You can ask one of the Officers of the HOA about this and if it is something that the HOA requires, ask why this requirement was not imposed on the previous owner of your unit.





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