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What is the appeal process for Section 8 and HUD?

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I am worried Section 8 housing. If there is a rejection, what does the appeal process entail? If HUD claims I made mistakes on my tax returns or accuses me of doing something intentionally wrong, how do I defend myself?  I feel like the lady mistrusts me but is OK with my husband. What's the worse that could happen?  Would there be any circumstances where we have to defend ourselves with a lawyer?
Once you get the rejection letter you would write back to the address on the denial letter something to this effect


Name of housing authority or owner
City, State, Zip

Dear _________________:

I would like to request a private conference with you to review the denial of my application for housing that I submitted on ________________ (date) and you denied on ________________ (date).

Please notify me of the date and time that a conference will be held.

Thank you.


Your name
Your address
City, State, Zip
Your telephone number (including area code)
Control number (if applicable)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your answer. When you write this letter, do you meet with the lady who I had trouble with or someone new?
You meet with a hearing officer, who handles the case to review what the person you dealt with has done to come to her conclusions. You seem pretty sure it will be denied. I hope that does not happen but if it does you have the process to appeal. GOOD LUCK! If you have any additional question after we close the question please feel free to request me.
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Thank you. You are amazing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What happened was: I got off on the wrong foot with the interviewer lady. I asked her what was the income limit for Section 8 in my county. She accused me of the "FR" word. This is not the case. We are self employed and my husband bought a truck for 18,000 and depreciated it all in 2011. It was our option. It just means we can't deduct anything on our 179 this year. So, what I was asking was legitimate. I could have made the taxable income higher. Since I am self employed also, but contribute to a negative income.....I told her my income is 0. She said this was I told her I could go home and make it more. She accused me of the FRau word again and said I could not do that! and reminded me of what I had said earlier. I meant I could go home and make explain the 0 income.....not that I would make the numbers different. It was a good thing my husband was there. He said:"she doesn't really have a business, she just tries to help people ....and spends a lot on computers and software. She goes to the mental health clinic....for Job club. I was quiet and the lady said: Oh, so she's trying to get her business off the ground. I will explain that to HUD. My husband said: I just get very nervous with paperwork. She said "Don't be nervous." Do you think that conversation sounds promising?
Hard to tell. I would need to see her demeanor and hear the inflection in her voice. We will go the next step if needed. Try not to worry.
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