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Can a co-op discriminate based on perceived mental or physical

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Can a co-op discriminate based on perceived mental or physical handicap?Can a co-op restrict the way an owner takes title to his or her shares in the co-op

Jane Doe Deer :

Hello? No and yes, but only if the same restrictions are applied to everyone, not just the person(s) with the real or perceived disability.

Can I be of further help?

Jane Doe Deer :

Hi, are you there?


Can the buyer of the co-op shares include his or her parents name on the shares in case of death or disability would keep him from preforming normal activities in regard to the sale or transfer of his interest at a later date?

Jane Doe Deer :

Usually, real property can be purchased jointly by two or more people, so yes. Do the co-op rules say anything different in general? Again, they can't treat you differently because of any disabling condition you may have. In fact, there are some affirmative duties to treat you better, in the sense that a person with disabilities can have a service animal, ramps, and etc., where someone without disabilities may not be allowed to.


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX has been very helpful! I will mark this site and return again at some time I am sure. I will also 'accept' and wish you a great day!

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