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I talked to Timeshare on the Spot today. They are saying,

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I talked to Timeshare on the Spot today. They are saying, for $3,426.00, they will transfer by timeshare deed out of my name and I will not longer be responsible for any fees for the rest of my life. They say this is guaranteed. Is this a fact or another rip off.

If this company is On the Spot Timeshare Disposal aka The Timeshare Company headquartered out of Wisconsin, then the Better Business Bureau online has some information about them. They are a BBB member and they have a grade of B, on a scale of A+ through F with F being the worst. They do have a history of some complaints though and you might want to check out the information at:

You can also call the Attorney General's Office in your state and the state where the timeshare is to see if they have any actions pending against the company. In the end, it is very difficult to get out from under a timeshare and you want to make sure you have everything in writing and understand exactly what you are getting for your money. You want complete and total release from all duties including maintenance fees.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


I did check with the BBB, their accreditation expired on 2/2/2011. I have heard of some of these companies taking your money and never make the transfer. I'd like to find someone who has actually done business with them. Any ideas? You do have some good subjections.


Thank you.



The problem is that if you ask them for references, they may or may not give you someone who was a legitimate customer. About the best thing I know to do other than to review the issues that they had via the BBB site I provided you is to contact the Attorney General's Offices as I suggested. They are in a unique position to know if there are serious problems with this company since if they get enough complaints they will investigate them and either file civil actions or criminal actions if they don't do what they promise. They will also have a record of any consent agreements that they might have entered into with the company. Those are cases where the AG says if you don't make this right for all your customers, we will take legal action.
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