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Can I sue my landlord and the housing authority for negligence,

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Can I sue my landlord and the housing authority for negligence, emotional distress, pain and suffering. I just moved from NY to Panama City Florida in September in October I signed a lease with my landlord. The agency was fully aware of her reputation for they had warned me not to rent from her. Not knowing I had already given my current landlord a 500 dollar partial deposit. She refused to return my funds I was then forced to rent from this person otherwise losing my section 8. After signing the lease and moving in a few days later I noticed roaches then there were leaks in the kitchen. The refrigerator broke down and was later replaced with a roach infested refrigerator. One of the toilets broke. We had no decent heat during the winter months forcing my family and I to sleep in one room. Then there was a raw sewage leak. The refrigerator has broken down again as well as the ac and the sink is leaking causing magets. The agency continues to pay her as we continue to suffer!
Hello and thank you for your question. You can file a complaint with the housing authority. You can have a lawyer negotiate a settlement. You can also sue in small claims court.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You said file a compaint with the housing authority. How ever I have been complaining to the housing authority about the conditions of my home since I moved in. Every complaint has been documented through the executive director which I have receipt copies of. I have been without a refrigerator and air condition since April 2010. I have children with medical conditions. They are doing nothing but telling her to make the repairs and she does nothing. They still pay her and mandate that I continue to pay her despite the fact that she is not making the repairs. Both the agency and the landlord is messing us over!
Having a court resolve it depositing rent in escrow until repaired and having a lawyer complian for you should advance these issues
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
After addressing these issues to the housing authority as well as the landlord and I settled this matter I paid all of the money she claimed in an eviction suit filed in the bay county court house my section 8 was reinstated and then terminated again after the landlord failed to report the money paid by me to the court house. And my family and I are still living under the same conditions. Now what should I do?