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I have EPSON Workforce 845 WiFi all in one printer. A printed

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I have EPSON Workforce 845 WiFi all in one printer.
A printed document placed in the document feed produced a solid black line down the page from top to bottom. This occurs no matter if the document is copied (i.e. through the ink nozzles) or if scanned to a pc (i.e. presumably not through the printers ink nozzles). The scanned image also has be same verticle black line top to bottom down the center of the page. I've cleaned the glass and as much of the paper path that I can get to. Any suggestions how to eliminate the black line in the doc?

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your printer question.


I want to be clear on this. Does the scanned copy on the PC before you print it after you scan it have the black line ?


if you print a document that was not scanned does it not have the black line ?


does it have the black line if you put it on the scanner flat bed rather than through the document feeder ?


If the answer to that is yes no and no


what is happening is that there is a spot on the glass. But its not where you think it is. When the document is on the flat bed the scanning light moves across the entire glass to copy it. When you scan though the document feeder the scanning light does not move at all. Rather the paper moves past the scanning light as it goes through the feeder. There is a very narrow line that it actually gets scanned through and a little tiny spot on that will be reproduced over an over as the paper scans through the same slot on the way down, leading to a line all across the page.


so you have to look for that little slot where it is actually scanning through and clean that part of the glass very well.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well the answer is yes, no and no. So I cleaned the area on the glass on the left side of the bed with is below a little plastic flap with a piece of silk cloth (used for eyeglasses). I now have an additional problem. The aforementioned black line is still there AND the printing ACROSS (left to right) has very smudged bands in approximately 1/2 inch bands that alternated down the page. one band smudged and faint and one band printed correctly this occurs alternateling down the page.

well that means you got part of the right place at least. the smudge is probably just that. A smudge of whatever you used to clean it with. And if you imagine the paper going past the glass and imagine where the line is on the page you can get a pretty good idea of where the dirt (or it might be a scratch ) would be.


try using some cleaning solution like windex sprayed lightly on the cloth you clean it with. Not enough to leak into the scanner but get the cloth moist with it.


and let it dry after.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, I figured out how to remove the little plastic shield on the left of the flat bed. I've cleaned the glass under the little plastic shield with windex and i've cleaned the shield itself. It appears to me that the original when it comes from the top feed passes OVER the plastic shield and onto the flat bed glass so that whatever is on the shield will be picked up by the stationary scanner bar. So I've cleaned both as well as I can...result.....the smudged lines are now gone but the solid line top to bottom is still there. I believe that it might be possible that the line is somewhat more faint but still very noticable. Maybe I need to replace the little plastic shield part. I know the glass under the shield is clean.

That is possible there may also be a scratch on the glass or it might have gotten dirty under the glass where you cant reach it to clean it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok I don't know what to do now. I still have the problem. I'm not sure what it is but it may be that plastic shield. I do see some little dents in the thin plastic. It may be light refraction but I certainly not sure of that. I'm pretty sure that there are no spots or scratches. The dent I see is not right on the line where the dark line show. (if I put a copy with the line on the flat bet with the line turned up so I can see where approximately it crosses the scan bar, the dent I can see is approximately 1/8 inch from the line but I suppose light refraction could cause that. The little sheild is easily replaced...if i can just find one. So where are we? Do I let you go? My problem isn't fixed. You have probably done all you can. So how should I score it on the "RATE TO FINISH" tab? Is it a $5 call or a $28 call? Can you help me here?

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