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What would cause the printerhead to be locked up and not return

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What would cause the printerhead to be locked up and not return to center of my printer. I have ESP 6150 unit?


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1) Check that your printer has power, and the On/Off indicator on the printer control panel illuminates either steady green or blue (the color depends on the model you have). If the power is not on:
Make sure the power adapter is plugged in to the power outlet and is connected to the back of your printer.
Press the On/Off button until the indicator illuminates green or blue.

2) Clear any errors and remove obstructions:
Check the LCD on your printer control panel (except 5100 or ESP 3 printers; there is no LCD) or the status monitor on your computer for an error message. If there is an error message, follow the instructions to clear it.


    • If the printer displays Printhead Carriage Jam, see Printhead carriage jam or printer error (code 3515, 3525, 3527, 3601, 3618 or 3619).

    • If there is no error message, and if the problem continues:

      1. Open the access door.

      2. Disconnect the power adapter from the back of the printer.
        CAUTION: Do not pull on the printhead carriage or use force to move it.

      3. Remove any obstructions that may prevent the printhead carriage and ink cartridges from moving to the center position.

      4. Close the access door.

      5. Connect the power adapter to the printer.

For ESP 3250 and 5250 all-in-one printers only, if the problem continues:

  1. On the printer control panel, press Home.

  2. Press the down arrow to select Maintenance, then press OK.

  3. Press the down arrow to select Install Ink Cartridges, then press OK.
    IMPORTANT: If you do not have the option to select Install Ink Cartridges, upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

    1. Locate and select the firmware download for your printer.

    2. Follow the instructions to install the firmware.


If you cannot clear the error, or if the printhead still does not move to the center when the access door is opened then the print head sensor is bad which will need a replacement.


Please contact by telephone at 1-800-421-6699 to order the printhead.



I hope I've provided the information you were seeking. If you are happy with my service, please provide a rating. If not, please let me know so l can continue to help you answering more question if you have one. Thank you.


There will be a plastic tab with a spring which hold the print head locked in the parking position on the extreme right side you can use a flat head screw driver to lift the tab a bit and slide it to the center manually using your hand. The power on the printer must be turned off.


One more important thing, most of the time it happens that the waste ink tank which is at the bottom of the print head has an ink absorbing pad which might have come up and its stuck with the edges of the print head and is preventing it to move in that case you can try the screw driver to push the pad downwards and try moving the head at the center then you can power on the printer and remove the cartridges and close the cover to see if the head moves back to the parking position.


Open the cover the head must move at the center to the cartridge change position install the cartridges back.


I have done all of the things U have mentioned to no resolving the problem ! I have even tryed to open the unit without any sucess. The LCD screen says the printerhead is jamed and the code# XXXXX have followed the instructions still nothing happens. If it's brken that's what I need to know.


if you have followed all the steps and the head is still stuck and not moving then it is definitely broken the head is guided by few sensors which make the head move left and right which can be bad thats called the encoder strip sensor,


or it can be the print head inbuilt sensor too which can be bad.


i would suggest you to take the printer to a repair shop and check the estimated repair price and if the unit is under 1 year warranty then can get a free replacement


if not in warranty then you can opt for a new printer if the repair cost it close to a new printer price.


This is the case of hardware failure print head sensor, i can tell you what part has faulted. i can tell what part is faulty but cannot make a bad part work till its repaired or replaced.


I guess it's time for a replacement.I know the repairs will exceed the price of a new unit !!! Thanks for your help,I'll go with plan B to replace.


I hope I've provided the information you were seeking. If you have more question please do ask, and please provide a rating for this chat.

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