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I am getting an error message: Error E161-403E The IPF 750

Resolved Question:

I am getting an error message: Error E161-403E The IPF 750 plotter will not do anything.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  DrKlahn replied 5 years ago.

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Expert:  DrKlahn replied 5 years ago.
The error code in the problem statement indicates that the printhead has failed due to overheating. When this occurs, the printer "remembers" the condition, and will not operate until the printhead has been replaced by a technician who knows the service codes to reset the error condition and inform the printer that it has a new printhead.

I've priced the printer and the replacement printhead, and while both are expensive, replacing the printhead will be cheaper. I base this on the following pricing:

Replacement printhead - $400 on ebay (see the search below)
Two hours service call minimum, $75/hour = $150
$550 to repair*+printh*&_sacat=171961&_odkw=ipf750*+-cable&_osacat=171961&_armrs=1

Replacement printer - approximately $3,000 on ebay (see the search below)*+-cable&_armrs=1

$3,000 to replace

In this situation, I'd call the local Canon authorized service dealer, tell them that the printhead has failed, and ask them what they will charge to replace the printhead, with the charge for the printhead as a separate item from the service. If they want significantly more for the printhead than the cost of buying it on ebay (and they almost certainly will), buy the printhead on ebay. Be certain that the printhead is new, not refurbished, genuine Canon, with a recent manufacture date.

If the dealer is unwilling to install a printhead they did not sell you, inform them politely that they can install it and make a profit on the service call, or you will have it done elsewhere. (It is possible to buy the service manual and replace the printhead yourself, but I strongly advise against this -- if anything else goes wrong in the future, the dealer will remember that you bypassed them, and will either refuse to work on the unit or "teach you a financial lesson.")

So, in summary: The printhead has failed and must be replaced. This is a job best done by a service technician. Save money on the printhead if you can.

If anything in this answer is unclear, or you'd like something explained in more detail, don't hesitate to ask.

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