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Charlie, Technician
Category: Printers
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Experience:  24 years of experience, with the last 18 being exclusively with printers.
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my esp 3 kodak printer will not print text in black

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my esp 3 kodak printer will not print text in black

Charlie :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. I appreciate the question.

Charlie :
  • Remove the black ink cartridges.


  • Remove the print head. If you are unsure of how to do this check, page 3 of this PDF document.



  • Locate the ink jet ports. they are usually two rows of tiny holes on the side of the print head that faces the paper.


    .Get two coffee filters.


  • Moisten one with warm water and leave the other dry.


  • First use the wet filter, holding it on the ink jet ports to loosen any hardened ink. Next, gently wipe the jet ports in a single direction similar to striking a match. Remember to also clean the ink tank contacts too.


    • Use the dry filter in the same manner.

      If this does not help, the print head may need to be replaced.


    Please let me know if this helps.



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