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i am getting a printing error code on my canon mx410. the code

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i am getting a printing error code on my canon mx410. the code is 6000. i am trying to find out what i need to do to fix my printer. i have already turned it off, waited, then turned it back on. i have also unplugged the power cord from it and waited, then plugged it back in and turned it on. i am still getting the error message.


Hi, this is Michelle and i will be assisting you


The error code 6A00 indicates an issue with the purge unit.
This usually requires a repair\service of the unit.

However, you may try the below steps:


1. Please open the printer cover and when the carriage head moves to center pull out the power cord.
2. The Purge unit is on the right side. Use a flashlight and you will see two ink pads. This is where the print-head is PARKED and is the top of the Purge unit.
3. There you will find wiper blades that move from the rear to the front. They wipe the bottom of the print-head when it is parked.


Use some rubber gloves and a paper towel and see if you can press the ink pads down just a little bit - about 1/4". See if for some reason the wiper blade is stuck extended, if so see if you can get it unstuck. Please do this gently such that you don't break anything there.


now remove the cartridge...manually slide the carriage assembly\ printhead back and forth
also clean the rail against which the assembly slides with a tissue ensuring that there is no ink residue on it
clean the golden contacts of the cartridges and the printhead with a cotton swab dipped in little alcohol
once these steps have been done follow the below steps as well
manually move the printhead to far left
on the far right there is a little white plastic tab that is spring loaded
just check that if its not getting jammed
push the tab towards the front of the printer
once done just turn on and check the status

in case still the issue persists and you get the same error code, then it is an issue with the purge unit.. if the unit is within warranty cover please contact Canon and get the unit serviced...if not, you need to contact a repair tech for physical replacement of the part..however, my personal suggestion is that a repair will not be cost effective

you can get a new unit at almost the same or little more cost

let me know if you have any further queries


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