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I have a new Brother MFC J6510DW printer which I am trying

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I have a new Brother MFC J6510DW printer which I am trying to get working with Windows 7 on 64 bit.
I have loaded everything (several times) and when trying to print out of Office 2010 I get a message saying the printer is not installed although the programme says it is ready.
I can find the printer through show printers and it is marked as the defalt printer. I have downloaded and installed the correct drivers but still I cannot print. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
Thank you XXXXX

Hi. I am Rick. I will be your expert.

There should be no problem with this printer and windows 7. The only thing that may be causing your problem is the driver set up. I am assuming from your statement that you have used the disk to load and install the drivers. This may be the problem. Windows 7 already has the drivers it needs for that printer. Try uninstalling the drivers and the printer. Then reboot the computer and plug the printer in and let windows 7 find the drivers itself. See ifvthat helps.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello Rick

Thank you for that. I have followed your instructions but I am afraid that my printer still does not work. After starting the 'cleaned' system Windows found the printer and loaded drivers etc. When I tried to print a doc from Word I got the message 'Word cannot print - there is no printer installed'. The print screen in Word shows the printer is ready and the printer shows as the default printer when I look in' show devices and printers'.

I have just run the disc supplied with the printer again and get a message part way through which says 'the arguments are invalid'. I can click through that and the operation appears to finalise. However after restarting the computer and trying to print in Word I still get the 'there is no printer installed message'.

Have you any other ideas please?

Regards XXXXX


The arguments are invalid is refering to some of the command lines in the program not being correct. Let me see if I can locate some software and drivers on line for you.. Then you can unistall the printer and redo it using a different set of drivers.

Lets try this. Go to the site below and selct your operating system. It should give you the latest drivers and software for your printer. Download and run them and then install the printer and see if that helps.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello Rick


Thank you for that. I have gone through the process and at the end got a message reading ' The Brother printing device software has already been installed. There are no other items to install'


Needless to say I get the same error messgae as previously what I try to print from Word.


Rgeards Chris R

OK lets try approaching this from a different road. I want you to open a new word document. On the first line of the document type the following:


  • Press ENTER. This inserts 10 paragraphs of sample text.
  • Try to print the document.
  • Let me know what you get

    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Hello Rick


    Yes, thank you. Tried that. I get the same message as before 'Word cannot print. There is no printer installed.



    One last thing. Do you have any problem printing from any program besides word?
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Hello Rick


    It seems to be just about everything.


    I have tried Excel and a PDF document and those won't print either.



    The only thing that can be causing this is the drivers. You may need to completely remove the drivers and software from the computer, un install the printer, and then go to the site I gave you before and download a new set of drivers but you will have to remove the old ones or the new ones will not permit the download. Your drivers are causing tghe problem and this is the only way to correct it.
    Richard and 4 other Printers Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    OK Rick


    Thank you for that. I will try it tomorrow as it is getting late here and I need to be up for work in the morning.


    Can you tel me where I might find the drivers to remove them please?



    Go to start>control panel>administrative tools>print management. From there you should see a folder with all of the printer drivers and you can remove the ones for that printer.
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Hello Rick


    I have done all those things - deleted all the printer drivers and then installed them from the web site link.


    Situation is exactly as it was - no change.


    I was thinking of hooking up the Brother printer to another machine just across the office and seeing if it would work with that one.


    Regards Chris Rose

    By all means if you can do that, give it a try. It will narrow down whether it is the printer or the programs.
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Hello Richard


    I haven't hooked it up to the other compurter yet but I have tried the fax and the scan options.


    Fax works fine and the scan will send a message back to the computer so there appears to be no communication problems in that direction.


    It is just the print facility that seems not to be working as it should.


    Hopefully I will get time tomorrow to try the direct link and coneection to the other computer.



    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Hello Rick


    I spoke to the supplier of the printer today and their immediate reaction was that it must be a faulty machine and they are happy to exchange it for another brand new one.

    I am going to get that done on Thursday and will let you know what happens



    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Hello Rick


    Got the new printer but the situation is much the same, unbale to print as it keeps saying printer not installed.


    I do now however get the following error message 'The install script engine on this machine is older than the version needed to run this setup. If available please install the latest version of ISScript.msi or contact your support personnel'


    Any ideas on that one please?



    THese are install script in Windows. The process for correcting this is very involved so rather than give you the step by step I will send you to a site that has the step by step instructions. Follow them carefully and it should fix it for you.

    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Hello Rick


    Thank you for that, it was very useful.


    I have determined that I need version 12, obviously new info than the link. Any idea where I might find that, I have googled it with no real success.


    Chris Rose

    The reason you are unable to find it is according to Microsoft and all of the communications I ahve from Microsoft version 11 is the latest version. There is no version 12 out, at least not at this time. If Brother is claiming it needs that version I would ask them where it is because I think if Microsoft says there is no version 12 I would assume they know what they are talking about. This could be one of those times when even a new printer is not comatible with windows 7 64 bit. I have seen it before but I will say not very often
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Thank you Rick


    I will install version 11 and see if that works and will certainly ask Brother regarding version 12.


    Chris R

    Customer: replied 5 years ago.

    Hello Rick


    Installed version 11, that didn't work either.


    Am waiting for Brother to get back to me.



    I would love to know what Brother has to offer. Please tell me when you hear from them.

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