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Russell H.
Russell H., Printer and Office Tech
Category: Printers
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Experience:  11+ yrs experience, inkjets & lasers, from huge to portable
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No power to my Canon MP600 printer. I have checked the plugs

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No power to my Canon MP600 printer. I have checked the plugs and tried a different power socket but nothing happens, the printer just won't turn on.

Russell H. :

I would like to try to help you with this problem.

Russell H. :

It doesn't sound good, to start with. Were you providing power to your printer by way of a surge protector, or directly from the wall (or by a power strip of the cheapest, without surge protection? very few are that cheap these days I doubt...) ?

Russell H. :

If so, if you had it plugged directly into a wall power outlet, then your printer may have suffered a surge or power spike and been badly damaged.

Russell H. :

Make sure that whatever you have it plugged into, can provide power to drive some other device - test not just an adjacent outlet, but the outlet you plug the printer into, itself.

Russell H. :

If the outlet or outlet on the power strip or surge protector doesn't appear to provide power, there is hope for the printer... but you should look for a 'reset' button on the power strip, for its circuit breaker may have been tripped if it isn't providing power. (Some surge protectors reset if you turn them off for a minute, then on again, too.)

Russell H. :

And if all power sources check out OK, but the printer still doesn't work, well, disconnect it from everything, then carefully reconnect just the power cord/adapter, and plug that into a tested OK outlet or surge protector outlet.

Russell H. :

If it doesn't show any signs of life at that point, it is most emphatically 'broken' - that is, in need of either servicing/fixing, or else replacing and recycling.

Russell H. :

Tell me what of all these possibilities you find out, and I will advise you further as to what to do and what resources you have to choose from.

Russell H. and 2 other Printers Specialists are ready to help you
Thanks for paying for my advice. But there's more:

Even if you didn't use the printer with it powered through a surge protector, you are still entitled to free (or very nearly) service or replacement (depending upon the exact terms for this exact model), *if* it is still less than one calendar year since you bought the printer new - Canon (and most other printer manufacturers) cover their printers under a one-year warranty.
If it is not covered (make sure you didn't buy Extended [Warranty] Coverage, which is for longer than one year, when you bought it), then you would be well advised to get an estimate on repair costs, before committing to having it repaired - repair costs might well be more than replacement cost.
This Canon Australia's Warranty statement:
If you need to contact a Canon Service Center for your model in your area, call Canon Australia about that, asking where nearby service centers for your model #, the MP600, are. Or you could try finding your way through the not-very-easy-to-use Service Locator:

Lastly, if you decide to replace it rather than repair it or have it repaired, you would be well advised to recycle it rather than throwing it in the trash. Canon USA has recycling... I'm not sure Canon Aus. does, you could ask them if you call them, also... or you could offer it for free on your local or (if freecycle has an Aus. branch, I'm not quite sure) - some parts at least, in it, will be reusable by some small business or hobbyist.

Thanks again.