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Category: Pre-Calculus
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The problems below you must show your work. All steps: 15.5

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The problems below you must show your work. All steps:

15.5 plus 4.2t = 3.32

-3.2x plus 14.08= -4.8

14(0.3n+0.31)=5.18 – (0.4-4.22n)

Find the grad point average Assume 4.0 for an A and so on
Grade Credits earned
A 1
C 6
A 4
A 1
B 4

A room measures 16ft by 19ft. The ceiling is 9ft above the floor. The door is 3ft by 7 ft. A gallon of paint cover 77.8ft^2. How many gallons of paint are needed to paint the room (including the ceiling and not including the door. Round up to the next whole number.

9.24x – 3.52=3.83x + 41.924

A deck of cards contains 52 cards. A standard deck of playing cards. Find the probability that a selected card is a 2,3 or 5.

A bag contains 2 red marbles, 9 blue and 3 green. You select one from the bag. What is the probability its blue?

These problems only require you indicate the correct answer:
Determine whether the ordered pair is a solution of the given equation.
(3, 16); y= 5x+1
Choices: undefined, Yes, No, Not enough info

Write the number as a mixed numeral. Do not simplify
Choices: 52,881/1000 or 1000/52,881 or 52 1000/881 or 52 881/1000

Evaluate P+Prt, for P=6000, r=0.06, t=7.5
Choices: 8880, 2700,8700,8670

Calculate and write as a decimal5/8 (19.4
Choices: 12.125, 12.0086, 12.1444, 12.1056

Use the indicated value to find am ordered pair that is a solution of the equation.
y= -x + 7; let x=4
Choices: (4,4), (4,3), (4,12), (4, -3)

3.0p – 18= 4p-4
Choices: -14, -8, -15, -13

Combine like terms 4.5x+16.4x
Choices: 20.9x, 20.9x^2, 73.8x, 41.8x

Find the decimal notation: 15/16
Choices: 0.8375, 0.938, 0.9475, 0.9375

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